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Medicine Ball Weight?


hey guys, i was thinking of buying a med ball for max power exercise not muscular endurance work....exercises such as med ball slams,overhead throws...etc... what weight should i buy??? well my bench is around 200lbs and my push press is around 135lbs if this helps.... 10x


I use a 12 lber. I like it.


Charlie Francis, one of the greatest sprint coaches of all time, recommends medballs between 3 and 7kg and says if you are to buy only one get the 4kg ball.


I definitely agree. If you're talking maximal power...you also need to build a tremendous amount of speed and velocity. If you get a ball that's too heavy for your current abilities, it will actually make you slower...leading to less power output. Med-ball exercises should be fast & explosive when you're using them as upper body plyometrics (which it sounds like you are). I wouldn't recommend over a 4.5kg ball for you.


so you think the 5kg 1 i have is too heavy??


I personally think it is. I'd go a bit lighter based on your size & strength right now. You'll definitely be able to handle the 5 kg ball, but you'll be compensating in a way that won't be challenging the muscles/areas you're intending to work.