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Medicine Ball Training For Power

Hey, I searched through the articles and posts briefly and could not find any articles centered around using medicine balls to train for power. I am looking for some type of routine to increase my explosiveness for track. If anyone has any ideas or links that may be helpful, I would appreciate it very much.

When you say track, do you mean sprints, distance runs, throws, etc?
old dogg

I’m a 400/800 runner; at the end of last year I ran 54/2:02. I’m also lifting both upper and lower body twice a week each along with my track workouts. I could handle some extra volume and figured med. ball work would be a good way to increase my sprinting speed.

For GPP work, you could take a medicine ball out onto a field, and do backwards throws with them (I’m not sure the exact name). With ball on the ground, squat down, and pick it up like you would pick up the bar doing a snatch, and keep pulling until its flying over your head behind you. Walk over to it, repeat. Do that as many times as you want. Do it as a workout in and of itself or do it as active recovery from tough workouts.

Also you can do some of the med ball tosses for some prehab work. check out the one by davies, it’s sick. Lots of explosive movements that you will love.