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Medicine Ball Throws vs Punchbag

Hi I thought Id throw this out to the guys who read Jim’s section.

Id like to do medicine ball throws at the gym, but unfortunately my gym doesn’t have anywhere to do that, however we do have a few punchbags.

If I dugout my old bag gloves and did a few minutes punching, with a focus on hitting the bag hard rather than turning it into a cardio session, would this be a good substitute for the medicine ball throws that are being recommended?

Thanks in advance

plyometric pushups on a bench for activation before benching is a good alternative to medicine ball throws. But you could always throw the ball hard on the ground too (med ball ‘slams’).

Really stick the landing portion of the plyometric pushup on the bench.

This article shows the slam and the pushup I’m referring to. It also has some great pre- squat and deadlift routines (broad jump, squat jump) to help with overall explosiveness.


Terry dowd isu boxing coach forever, doesn’t belive in speed bags, good cardiovascular workout, has them in gym but you do them in your time not his. I don’t know why .

It depends how you want to throw the medicine ball but if you are thinking of something along the side of a chest pass movement, stand about a meter or so away from the punch bag and throw the ball straight at the bag :slight_smile:

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Thanks to everyone who took the time to reply.

I think Im going to go with the incline bench pushup and the squat jump in in the link that marc4497 posted.

Quite simply they are things that I could easily do at our gym. Even the broad jump would be difficult due to space available (its a massive gym but every inch of it has something on it!!).

Tanks once again

Please don’t mention “plyo push-ups” with this program.

Plyo push-ups are not meant to be done with this program. Use box jumps/bounds/standing jumps/variety of med ball throws. All can be done as there is NO “upper/lower” plyos or whatever people are feeding you.

I have said this numerous times on this forum and would really appreciate if if people stop telling people the WRONG things in regards to this program. You have the right to your opinion but this program is done in a specific way and while there is plenty of room for individuals to put their stamp on it, some things are done with (gasp…) some guidelines and principles.

My bad Jim - he was looking for an alternative to medi throws/slams so the elevated bench came to mind - it’s not something I actually use, but it sort of fit the bill; apparently I was mistaken.

So your suggestion is that he just do jumps in place of slams or throws? or even better, find another gym where he can slam and throw?

To the OP: perhaps get your own ball and do throws and such at home if you can’t at your gym…