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Medicine Ball-Ab Work

Anyone on here know of any good medicine ball routines for the abs. Or know of any links or articles for it.

Paul Check, and Carlos Santana has some MB/ ab-work. Do a search should find some articles in t-mag. Or you can also pick up a book called Strength Ball Training by: Goldenberg and Twist

I’m not sure what you’re looking for, but i did a search of T-Mag for “medicine ball ab work” and came up with the following:

Tornado Training - Stage 2

Awesome Abs - Stage 4

The search engine Ladies and Gents, is the greatest thing since sliced whole wheat bread.

Tell me about it!–I refer to it as “Google on Steroids”.

Rob, you’re a funny guy. Nice one. However would be nicer still wouldn’t it if people took your (all our) advice, and actually used that little box on the left before posting such queries?

And I’m sorry Mike, but I’m afraid it looks like Rob’s venting his “newbie” fury on ANY post that might have been resolved with the search engine. Your post was actually a half-decent one, considering there may well be some medicine ball gurus out there reading your question, who are not T-mag article contributors, and have a special routine for you.
Anyway, there have been some rather awful newbie posts recently, of the “I want to gain lots of mass and strength- please tell me how?” type. You can understand the frustration of some of the longer-term forumites. Sometimes it is resolved by simply no-one answering, but usually someone gives in, either through anger or excessive pity/kindness.

Anyway, regarding your original question, I would back what Rob had to say. I would add that Coach Davies uses a fair amount of medicine ball work in his GPP workouts - check them out(use the search enngine!). Also, as Medicine ball is a very “boxerish” activity, you’ll find loads of MB exercises in the back of those “How-to” or “First steps” boxing training books. Hope this helps- happy searching! SRS

I’m not even venting, although it appears I let a bit too much of my personality into my posts last night :wink:

I’m more than happy to post links to articles I know (I think I have the massive eating URL memorized) but when I have to use a search engine to find out, I figure they can do it just as well as I can. Save some time and cut out the Middle Man.