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Medicinal Marijuana

Here is a webinar link on the terms and usages of medicinal marijuana. It is only live until 8:59 tonight. Enjoy!

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Not going to click this at work, but I’ll definitely check it out later. TyTy Zep

They should invest in a smart phone or something built in the last 5 years with video capability. I’ve seen better video/audio quality from amateurs on pornhub.

They also suffer from that weirdness of trying to seem ok with themselves when clearly they are not at all comfortable with what they are doing. Kind of like the normal looking suburban couples that used to try to buy pot off of me at the local ski resort. You expect them to break into nervous laughter and start explaining how normal they are (not like you) at any moment. In a fit or nervousness induced turrets the wife will also protest that she Doesn’t Do Anal whywouldanybodythinkthat?!?

They should go back to selling Amway or what ever other MLM schemes they used to do becaus their pot rap sucks, and the old strategy of putting everything you need to know in the next one, or episode 6 in this case is just old.

This guy, on the other hand, is the real deal.

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A very poor criticism.

That was a great criticism. Scathing but accurrate, somewhat entertaining and offers up an alternative source for better insight into the industry.

Of course if anybody wanted real information on the actual research, development, and applications they could always contact the companies that are currently engaged in these processes instead of those Amway hucksters.

Its not like they’re keeping themselves secret.


Im a fan of local grown but have you guys tried the shit these billion dollar corps are making??? Its the beez neez… If in Denver I highly recommend a trip to the Green Solution

Nah. Haven’t smoked in 20 years.

If I did though- there are some strains coming out of peoples basements that will knock a person senseless. And the hash made from it is even crazier.

That shit is extraordinarily medicinal.

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Yea wax is insane I love it… I use the snoop dog vape pen you can do bud and wax even shatter in it

Hash these days is like in the year 3030

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So you trust corporations who were originally against the legalization for medicinal purposes because it would negatively affect their bottom line?

So you trust hucksters that couldn’t cut it in an MLM, and can barely pronounce the words they’re trying to explain with flash cards?

By that comparison, I’ll say yes.

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Then medicinal marijuana can be taken in capsules or sprays, under the tongue.

Nobody does product optimization like a corporation looking for an edge


https://thesacredplant.com/webinar/webinar2/ Part 2 from the unprofessional MLM schysters.

All about the current laws no matter what that bozo Jeff Sessions wants

Or maybe some news straight from the source-

They even have a website and other fancy modern gizmos!

Cannabis Science Releases its 2017 Guidance Report for 2nd Quarter 2017, and Outlines Company’s Performance and Growth Opportunities as the Medical Cannabis Industry Expands Dramatically
IRVINE, CA–(Marketwired - Jul 5, 2017) - Cannabis Science, Inc. (OTC PINK: CBIS), a U.S. company specializing in the development of cannabinoid-based medicines, is pleased to announce that the Company has already achieved a good number of its goals for 2017. The Growth Guidance Report has CBIS outlined as an industry leader. Cannabis Science is aggressively expanding its corporate footprint in legal states throughout the USA, to help self-medicating patients with multiple critical ailments.

One of CBIS’ key accomplishments in 2017 was the successful launch of the CBIS Native American Sovereign Education Initiative package. This has proven to be quite successful with the University opportunities, land preparation, economic stimulus, regulatory guidelines, local and international government relations, laboratories, cultivation procedures, and product manufacturing utilizing cannabis and/or industrial hemp. The Company is very pleased with the industrial hemp planting currently in progress and very excited to report specific progress moving forward. The Company is expanding its land deals across the country and is moving the grow pods to key locations for special cloning and research projects.

“I am particularly excited about the Cannabis Science Consortium. This consortium, led by CBIS, will include collaborations with research and patient-care institutions in the U.S. and worldwide. Our Consortium provides CBIS with a global platform to develop cannabinoid-based medicines and to undertake clinical trials for several medicines that have the potential to help so many people. By partnering with leading individuals and institutions, we hope to increase the cannabinoid-based medicines in our development pipeline, and shorten the release time. CBIS, Inc. is working in three major areas: more efficient and effective delivery of cannabinoids to the sites of disease; understanding how to create the right mixtures of cannabinoids; and defining the diseases that may benefit from cannabinoid therapeutics. In these endeavors we are informed by the 2016 National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine Report on ‘The Health Effects of Cannabis and Cannabinoids: The Current State of Evidence and Recommendations for Research’,” stated Cannabis Science Inc., Dr. Allen Herman, Chief Medical Officer (CMO).

CBIS has successfully released several new products for self-medicating patient testing and observational studies, including the CBIS Metered Dose Inhaler (MDI) to target Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and Asthma; the CBIS Transdermal Patch to target chronic pain; and the CBIS Suppository to target severe pain and other symptoms associated with cancers, anxiety, and insomnia. In addition to these and other CBIS products, the Company continues to invest significantly in the research, development, and clinical trials for new cannabinoid formulations and innovative delivery systems for numerous critical indications.

“The 2017 Gala Event is for everyone! Our work is always targeted to those suffering from the many illnesses that may effectively be treated using cannabinoids. We are moving rapidly to serve these patients as quickly as possible. This Gala Event will give us a platform to reach a great number of people in need. We have chosen Beverly Hills, CA as the host city for the 2017 Gala and we will shortly announce the dates. I am excited to finally make the loyalty shareholder gift announcements at the 2017 Gala and release some new and exciting venture partnership opportunities,” stated Cannabis Science Inc., President & CEO, Co-Founder, Mr. Raymond C. Dabney.

Another accomplishment of note is CBIS’ registration with the U.S. federal government to receive contracts and grants. CBIS completed its registration in the System for Award Management (SAM), and applied for and received a Commercial and Government Entity (CAGE) Code from the Defense Logistics Agency. By successfully completing this process, CBIS has access to a market of over $192 billion in contracts and over $450 billion in grants annually.

Cannabis Science calls on all MMJ Companies to recognize and join in the fight against Opioid Addiction and Deaths by educating and supporting their self-medicating patients to fight opioid over-usage by using all forms of ingested MMJ as a Gateway out of Extreme Opioid Usage.

Dr. Allen Herman, Chief Medical Officer, (CMO), Cannabis Science Inc., confirmed in that previous news release, “Using cannabis to treat acute pain is familiar territory. Anecdotally, we’ve heard about patients replacing prescription drugs with cannabis as a gateway out. This could either be due to the fact that’s it a drug with a fewer amount of side effects or it supports the ability to avoid using alcohol or illicit substances in combinations. There are many different cannabis-based medication strengths available, self-medicating patients should consider their condition and capabilities before they choose their method of delivery and dosage strengths as each combination has a different effect on different people. Some even say that cannabis gives them mindfulness and the ability to take a step back and think about what they’re doing, or about to do. But if you’re taking the step to wean yourself off a hard drug, you’ll need all the support you can get. Cannabis helps with symptoms like nausea, tremors, and insomnia.”

Last fall, a study published in JAMA Internal Medicine found a 25% drop in opioid overdose deaths in states with medical cannabis laws on the books. Nearly 50,000 Americans die by drug overdose each year, but that fact is not as simple as it may seem. Most of these deaths are caused not by illegal drugs such as heroin and cocaine but by prescription painkillers – legal medication meant to help people, not kill them. That’s a very serious problem. Roughly 20,000 people die of prescription overdoses annually in the United States, and opioid painkillers are the No. 1 reason. Now the medical community is desperately looking to commercialize its new approaches to pain and addiction. Medical Marijuana, as it turns out, may be the best option as a gateway out of opioid addiction.[/quote]

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Most important fact about Marijuana…

Aint nobody ever sucked a D for Marijuana

legalize it…

So where were they for the last 20 years? They were fighting it’s legalization until they no longer could. No clinical trials did they fund but people were using the substance and were getting positive results. I know results don’t count for you since they were not done in a clinical trial and science could not explain exactly how it works so I guess it was all due to the placebo effect.

Now they want to get involved because they couldn’t stop it’s legalization. Better to make some money other than none. All they care about is profit. They could care less about potentially making sick people suffer some more as they fought it’s legalization.

So now it is considered a gateway drug out of abusing harder drugs. Where is the “refer madness” that so many people have been brainwashed to believe?

Yes marijuana should be legal in all 50 states and taken off the drug schedule. It should at least be legal for medicinal reasons and will. Just like single-payer healthcare is coming.

Your dreaming but Im with ya… Wont happen with that old fart Sessions… But Trumps right its a state decision

Now that Nevada went rec maybe other red states will follow when they see that $$$ as long as Missouri gets it yall on yur own

Also I think prostitution should be legal and regulated… since we are dreaming

The company I quoted that press release from was started 17 years ago.

They’re one of the primary drivers in the development of the legitimacy and legality of using cannabis for medical purposes.

Is nothing good enough for you?