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Medication effecting Mother

My mom is a type II diabetic, mental illness she is over weight but entirely in the abdomen (apple syndrom) I would say shes over 35% BF I have just started to work her out with some swiss ball, powerblocks and lots of walking. I never make much progress with her. Her diet is good Zone type low Insulin responding etc. My question is what if any of these medications could contribute to her weight gain.
glucophage 2000mg daily
provachol 20mg daily
prempro .625mg daily (estrogen therapy)
altace 20mg daily (blood pressure)
prozac 40mg daily
calcium gluconate 500mg daily)
alanzapine 20mg daily( Zyprexa)

I feel like her doctors are screwing her up. I wanted to get some opinions from some of the experts here. Also is md6 an option?