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Medication and Gear

I have a very important question and I would greatly appreciate your help!!!

I am on Zoloft for personal reasons (ha-ha), any way I have taken gear in the past but not while on this stuff.

Will the gear negatively effect or counteract the medication.

I know what the doctor says but I want to hear from you guys. I will take both your input and the doctors and make my decision, however once again your input would be greatly appreciated

Victor K.

I have never been on zoloft, or for that matter any SSRI or Trycyclic drug. All I can say, is that studies show mood improves with higher testosterone levels, and I never read any contraindications in the drug guide against using anabolics (as if they would think of em) and since many patients take many other meds besides their anti depressants, I would think you shouldn’t have a problem

This question basically covers my previous question regarding fluoxetine (prozac). Any further input would be greatly appriciated.