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Allright, 1st Juli I’ve decided to change my life, lose some weight and keep log on tnation. I lift for 7 years but last 4 years were hectic because of my school. I call that change “Fatass 2 Badass 2017”. On my 25th birthday (10-16-2017) I want to take a final photo of my change, try new PRs and start bulking.

Fatass 2 Badass Week 1 photos
81.3 kg

Fatass 2 Badass Week 4
76.6 kg
after yesterday’s refeed

I feel totally burned out last 4 days. So I’ve decided to change my plan. I think about Thib’s Strength Skill Circuit. The only problem is I can’t do O-lifts, so I substitute them with chins and BB rows. First week probably I’m goin’ to start with deload week aka no circuit, six sets and two reps only.

In for progress! Also, what are studying for?

I can definitely see why. I saw your workout plan and was hoping you were an advanced bodybuilder on juice, saw you pics which said otherwise than saw that statement.

You need to lower volume and you need to focus on compound movements. CT’s Best Damn Workout is a good start but keep in mind that it is also for lifters that have the basics down pact and the rest pause strategy can be pretty intense for a new lifter.

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4 years ago I had no problem to recover from this workout. I had torn my meniscus in january this year, then I did WS4SB3 for 8 weeks to regain some strength. 4 weeks ago I started to cutting. Now I’m goin’ to do this https://thibarmy.com/strength-skill-circuit-method/

Looks a lot better, the toughest thing with that workout will be the different barbell set-ups to make it a circuit. It will go well with your cut though.

I misread your post about CT’s strength circuit and thought you wrote CT’s Best Damn Workout, which is also a really good program.

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Thib’s Strength Skill Circuit - fat loss focused Week 1
77.1 kg

Thib’s Strength Skill Circuit fat loss focused
Week 1

2017 31 07

Thib’s Strength Skill Circuit fat loss focused
Week 1

2017 08 01

Just keep it simple and build strength in the long run. The easier and more manageable it is in the long run, while still making you progress in performance, the better it is.

Those programs aren’t better or worse than any other program than also makes sense.

I would just do Upper/Lower alternately 4x (could be 3x) a week if you are too pressed in time.
U1 L1 U2 L2

If you want to lose weight/get fitter now you can do cardio/sports separately of all this.

I’m thinking about adding 400 meters sprints. https://www.t-nation.com/training/running-man This week I’d do one sprint and next week I’ll start with 2 sprint sessions per week. Probably I’ll conclude this sprints with light 20 min jogging.

Do you want to build mass and strength or do you want to get good at running 400m? These 2 goals are in competition with each other.

You need to keep it simple and increase your weights in time and that is it. You don’t have the body of someone who has been successful for the past 7 or even 3 years, no matter how good the programs were. Just get good at regular stuff and cut unnecessary things out.

Thib’s Strength Skill Circuit fat loss focused
Week 1

2017 08 03