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Medical Problem or Just Aging?

This has been going on for a while now, but my SO and I have just recently discussed it. When she and I first hooked up, it was sex at least 4-5 a week. Each time it felt like I would cum a gallon at a time. Lately, its been twice or maybe just once a week, and theres not much there. When we talked about it, shes concerned that I’m going somewhere else, because there should be more if I’m getting it less.

Theres a lot going on lately with both of us, she started a new job and trying to get established, and just bought a new house. I’m starting a new job and going to school, plus remodeling my house. I understand the fewer sex sessions, I don’t understand the reducesd amount of semen volume. Could be just stress and aging, or could there be more of a medical problem that comes with aging? My allergies have been acting up for about 3 months now. Could it be the meds? (Just flonase and poly-vent)

While the amount of baby batter you are producing might be significant, a blood test would be a better indicator of a problem. There are so many factors at play here. Read the stickies ( the top posts in the forum).

Till then tell the SO you need her to do a taste test and report back to us.

you should read the packet that comes with Flonase… it states it is a known HTPA disruptor for some people. I think I may be one of those “few”. You could be too.

you should go get some basic tests done if you are concerned (total T, free T, E2, TSH, 8am cortisol), but you could also try to cut back on the # of life activities (not always possible I know) to reduce your stress level, and see if you bounce back so to speak.

if you are not taking 4,000-6,000iu D3 daily, you should probably start (plus a good overall multi-vitamin/mineral supplement).

How long have you guys been together? It seems like a while from your post, but you said she just bought a house herself recently. I’m not one to pry or advocate traditional marriages, but to me this raises an eyebrow for the current well being and future of your relationship (that she doesn’t intend to merge your lives together). This could indicate a major relationship strain which is affecting you.

Just a thought.

we’ve been together 4 years. She lived on the outskirts or town, now she lives in town closer to me. No plans to get married anytime soon. We both were in LTR marriages before. No loss in libido, just seems that over the last year theres been a steady decline in volume.