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Medical Illustrators

Is anyone here or does anyone know a medical illustrator? I am having alot of trouble in finding out what college I need to apply at and even where to go in order to look at becoming a medical illustrator.
There is not alot of info on the web so can anyone help me out?

I had a quick flick through the front covers of some of my anatomy text books and most of the illustrators have some form of either a medical or human biology degree. I guess this is because you have to understand how the human heart operates in order to draw a picture of it.

You might want to get in contact with a text book publishing house and see if they can direct you to an illustrator or provide you info of the education expections for a medical illustrator.

I know that hasnt answered your question much but I hope it helps a little.


Frank Netter, perhaps the greatest and most well-known of all time:


His illustrations are remembered by Generations of Physicians.

Perhaps contacting these people could point you in the right direction?

Hope this helps!


I am a graphic designer and actually looked into getting into medical illustration at one point. You not only have to have art skills, but you have to take some basic medical training and actually be licensed to do medical illustration.

Although with all of the 3D programs available especially that deal with anatomy, like Poser, it’s become easier to get into the field.

Here are a few links that may help: