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Medical Cannabis. Any Questions?



Hemp is the perfect plant - the bud has medicinal properties. The seeds are a highly nutritious food source and the fibres have been used for clothing and furniture.

It has been used for thousands of years. Without any harm. I think it's outrageous that they've banned a plant, a fucking PLANT! Yet people can still poison themselves with booze and tobacco.


Agreed! :slight_smile: See a good toke brings everyone together :slight_smile: Maybe that's why they don't want it?

Hey now you're like Kumar.



Same goes for shrooms.


Amen, again. Confirms why I've always liked Indian dudes and got along great :slight_smile:

I met the wife of one Indian guy Sunny, she invited us over to their house. It's a 3 million dollar mansion. Hes a self made millionaire with slum apartments and hotels. Anyway, extremly down to earth and we toked, LOL. Cool dude.


I like how those substances can;t make you something you;re not. But alcohol turns people into friggin animals.


Even though it's officially banned, indians as a whole are supposed to be big users of mj, perhaps this directly link to their high levels of productivity and output? Ive read about studies which found it actually improves memory and concentration.

I think they are more lenient there because it's also used as a spiritual aid, in religiously significant cities everyones alsways so mellowed out, kind and friendly, even though, in many cases they live in extreme poverty.

It would be interesting to see if the world would be any different if we replaced alcohol with mj for a whole year.


Complaining about the debauchery in British culture but admitting to taking shrooms and smoking weed? Irony?

On Topic: The criminalisation of Cannabis is ridiculous. Nothing breaks down barriers like sharing a joint (or two). It may just be the most useful plant we've ever discovered and we've decided to ban it. Genius.


I was able to buy Bhang in India from a small shop, presumably legally. Have they changed things?


I commented on excessive alcohol consumption and promiscuity. What does that have to do with smoking a joint?

Just because something has been banned doesn't mean it is necessarily immoral.
Slavery also used to be legal, does that mean it was an acceptable practice?
The point here is that being legal doesn't equate to being moral.

That being said, no, I don't see any irony in my post.


It is allowed on certain religious festivals. I think it is illegal unless prepared in a certain way (ie as bhang).


I'm not sure where I compared legality to morality in my post. I do not believe the two are linked - both are largely cultural.

Excessively using anything has negative consequences, be it food, alcohol or weed. Still, I'd take occasional excess over a life of tedium and moderation anyday. Enjoy life for gods sake.


The fiber is a damn good building material and insulation