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HEy everyone, I have a question for you Chiropractors, doctors, or anyone in the know. MY sister asked my to look at her knee becuase she thought it looked fat and the first thing I noticed and felt was that by her right kneecap there is a hard bone like structure sticking out. It is not on her kneecap, but about a centimeter to the right of it(on Right Leg). I moved it around and it moved with the knee and she says it dosent hurt but I can tell her knee is a little swollen, but when she lies on the floor and points her toes or tightens her knees it dissappears, does anyone know what this is??
Should she go to the doctor to have it checked out?
Thanks for the help everyone!


I’d recommend NOT going to the doctor under these circumstances.

Hey, there, jeep. Margaret, I hope you realize, is pulling your leg. She’s really saying that under the circumstances it would be a very good idea.

T-Mag is an awesome resource, but it still didn’t fix my more serious structural issues. I need professional diagnosis and treatment. Even the chiros and physical therapists online aren’t going to tell you what’s wrong with you because they need to get a complete history and ask questions and get details. One little detail can change the whole diagnosis, the treatment that is given AND whether or not you get a favorable result!!!

Stop and think about how important your car is. If it starts making a funny sound or jerking, you’d take it in to get it looked at, right? It’s important. You need it to get around in. So why would your body (or your sister’s, as the case may be) be any less important than your car?