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Medial Epicondylitis


Anyone have experience and tips for working through “golfers elbow”?

I’ve been having some elbow pain lately and my girlfriend (FNP) and roommate (DPT) are fairly certain it’s medial epicondylitis.

It’s not bad as it hasn’t prevented me from lifting or doing any other kinds of stuff, but it is pretty annoying. Seems to be on the up and up lately too, but just curious if anyone has dealt with it and what remedies they used?

I’m not sure what caused it originally unfortunately, thought I slept funny but when it didn’t go away after a couple days I realized it was probably a bit more than that.


Ur roommate is a bloody DPT. Dafuq are you here for? Is he/she/they going to charge you for anything more than a diagnosis?

Had it when I was working at a butchers from carrying trays of meat awkwardly and loading up my wrist flexors all day. Pretty annoying and even tho it was around when I was lifting I just pushed thru. Went away fast enough when I stopped working at the shop.

Its an overuse tendinopathy with the important word being overuse so chilling with whatever activity is stressing your tendons usually works but sometimes this isn’t practically such as if it’s a demand of your job. Sometimes it’s a case of managing what’s going on for the time being as opposed to resolving or treating it outright until such time as you can properly do the rehab.

It can get worse or hang around if you don’t make changes so if possible get on top of it early.


Ha, should’ve mentioned that he’s still a student :stuck_out_tongue: I’m his first ME case!

He did hook me up with a wrist wrap for my pressing exercises and wants me to use straps for pulling when it makes sense.

Thanks for the videos, I’ll give them a look this weekend!


Yeah I fractured my right medial epicondyle a while ago (overuse injury), it fucking hurt. Agreed with khangles, give it a rest and hit it up with some SMR. I like John Rusin’s pronator teres vid from his Hands-On SMR series.

Pulling underhand puts more strain on that area, so I would switch at least some of your volume to a pronated or neutral grip for now and definitely not do deads with the bad arm supinated. Coach Thibaudeau just wrote an article on mixed grip: https://www.t-nation.com/training/tip-bicep-tears-and-back-problems


Thanks! Will give it a look.