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Medial Deltoid / Lean Away Laterals

Having a fairly narrow shoulder width, I have begun to incorporate the lean away lateral movement for medial deltoid development. Has anyone else used this movement with regularity in your routine? Results? Progress? Do you consider it to be one of the better movements for medial head development?

BodyIQ, I tried the lean-away laterals for the first time. Looks like a GREAT exercise . . . and that from someone who leans more towards the basic exercises. (grin)

Personally, I like incline laterals more. With the lean-aways, I think it’s much too tempting to cheat :wink:

lean away laterals? what are those? how do I do them?

For those of you not familiar with them, check out the John Paul Catanzaro article in issue 225. Great article for delt. work.

I don’t know about specific results but I did tham for five workouts with straps and strict form off the spotters platform on a shoulder press rack and they isolated great as well as produced an isolated pump like nothing else.