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Media, Propaganda, Nazis & Our Governement

Okay, this isn’t going to be your usual liberal calling bush, Hitler and equating Fox news to the Nazi propaganda machine… but regardless of political affiliation does anyone think that any news station does a good job of objectively portraying the news?

Do liberals think that CNN really does a good job? Do Conservatives really think that Fox News does a good job?

Does anyone care as long as they have a station that will help support their beliefs?

If a news outlet came along that was actually objective don’t you think it would still get bashed.

OK, I’m done ranting but I think these are important issues.

good questions. however, I think its more interesting to ask whether or not it is even POSSIBLE for any news outlet to be objective. we know that FOX, CNN, NPR, BBC, al-Jazeera, etc. all have bias. so what? if you know the bias of the media outlet you will understand why they report a story a certain way. if you couple that “awareness of bias” with a variety of media sources, then the rational person should be able to gain a much clearer picture of the world around them than the assclown who only watches CNN Headline News. needless to say, most Americans are too stupid and lazy to put in this minimal amount of effort (it only takes 15 min. with a computer!) and will continue to be brain dead and, in a related way, out of shape.
p.s. what does National Socialism have to do with your question?