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Media Ignore Child Sex Abuse


Bill Donahue:

Interesting that I haven't heard too much about academia trying to remove pedophilia from the books as a mental illness. Hmm.


What is society doing? BC where do you believe America in particular has gone wrong? Can you bring it to one area? It would be awesome if you could provide some evidence to back your claim. I really am curious ; )


Paedophillia should definitely NOT be considered a mental illness. Why? Because this leaves the door wide open for some smart talking lawyer to argue 'diminished responsibility' in cases of child sex abuse.

Also, how about rape? I recall hearing about a rather disturbing statistic which found 35% of American men would rape a woman if they thought could get away with it. We are all potential rapists, the crucial difference however is that most people never act upon such urges.

Sexual desire in-itself should never be labellized in such a way IMHO. Only overtly bad behaviour in relation to other underlying mental issues.

Thought police GTFO!!!!!!!!!

Common sense psychology FTW!!


What would the other 65% rape they could get away with it?




This reminds me of that 'Conspiracy of Silence' documentary.



That ship has sailed ages ago and many times over.

This is an oxymoron. Common sense is developed from an implicit amorphous democratic social understanding. Psychology is derived from an explicit hierarchical elitist understanding. As a matter of practice, you can't understand 'the truth' in psychology without eliminating confounding interactions, common sense or other. Leading to the marvelous case(s) where, in the search for 'the truth' the psychologist can and will sweep 'the truth' aside as a confounding variable or social impropriety.


I don't know which exact statistic your talking about, but the the statistic is often taken out of context (like right now). Often (in the West) when you see a study that says 35% of men questioned would commit an act that is legally defined as rape, the question is inflated out of context and even represents an unreal scenario. Typically, there is a gender opposite question that says e.g. 30% of women would consider it acceptable for men to commit rape given the same set of circumstances. I have several first-hand experiences of women loving "The Vagina Monologues" without any sort of realization one entire act is composed of an older lesbian raping an underage and inebriated girl. I'm sure every grown woman can point to one fictional sex scene that she or someone she knows fantasizes about that unequivocally fits the definition of rape. IMO, this sort of statistic usually tends to reflect naive psychologists' inability to understand or willingness to dismiss the differences and nuances within immorality, illegality, and desirability.


Not sure what you're asking.


Really? You think Hollywood society isn't doing anything wrong?

River Phoenix
Drew Barrymore
Juliette Lewis
Macaulay Culkin
Kurt Cobain
Tara Reid
Lindsey Lohan
Charlie Sheen
Amy Winehouse
All of the Kardashians...

Even if you're not overtly religious, at some point this shit has got to seem irritatingly repetitive and pointless.


Maybe, but compared to Washington or any state capitol that shit is so harmless.

I prefer my narcissistic pricks without a standing army and a monopoly on violence.


Possibly, though I do tend to find a lot of people are basically stuck at a very low level of moral development ie: If I can get away with x, x isn't so bad.

Take drink driving for example, often, when speaking of the potential ramifications (drink drivers & even non-drink drivers) will focus more on the legal consequences of d&ding as opposed to the possibility of actually running someone over.

While I do find it hard to believe 35% of American men really would rape a woman if they thought they could get away with it, with the aforementioned example in mind, a significant minority probably would providing the right kind of opportunity presented itself.


Scarier; Goring, Rommel, and the Wehrmacht or Goebbels, Axmann, and the Hitler Youth?


One of the reasons why I believe in a society with a firm bond to secularism and an even firmer bond to religion. Separation of Church and State, not mutual exclusion.


Funny, that people who are so fond of Nazi references refuse stubbornly to apply the lessons that could be learned from their history to their own situation.

Propping Jews and Bolshevism up as a threat to further militarize and collectivize a country, mindless adoration of "heroes" in uniform, filtered media that only show the side of a war government wants people to see, increased measures to get corporations under control, surveillance of the population, micro managing every aspect of their lives, rewarding your followers with other peoples property....

Well, I am glad that something like that is not happening in a rather rich country with a powerful military, imagine the consequences!