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Med vs Nomed


Is there a differance between the two? Is the test you would get from a doctor the same as you would order off the internet?




I was wondering if there is a differance between the steroides I order from the internet. Or the kind I would get from my doctor. As far as chemical compound? Or if it is all just the same thing. When I had a talk with my doc I told him I was thinking about doing a cycle and he said the not to the stuff he would give me is better cleaner. But it was a once a month shot. I would have to see him every time to get the shot.. All in all from where I ordered it. It's a lot cheaper on line


The stuff you buy online is made in what we call UG. Underground labs. If you can get enough Pharm grade to run cycles any of us would prefer that but it just isn't reasonable to do so unless you have good insurance and a really cool doc. On that note most UG stuff is good but you always risk getting something that is bunk or underdosed.

Try to find a good supplier whose products you are happy with and stick with them. There are places that you can go to check out sources if play around in google you'll find source reviews and can get a good idea of product quality that way.


Pharm grade. Awesome
UG Anywhere from Awesome-Bunk. Depends on the source


I have a good place I think so far. It was my first order wasn't sure when I first seen how I had to pay. send the moble to some body is another country then give them the number. But it worked out great for me. Looking for reviews for places that's how I learned about T-Nation. I googled a web site and this was one of the web sites.

Thank you installglass. that's what I was wondering.


he would give you better stuff yes, but once a month is nowhere close to acceptable


He just wants more money