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Med Ball Slams, Left Biceps Pain

I’m having issues with left bicep pain. First it was with high pulls and CT gave me some

advice on that. Now, when I do agile 8 and mix in sets of 3, Rogue 20 lb med ball

slams my left bicep begins to ache as if I pulled it. I’ve never had this issue in the past

with ball slams (or the high pulls for that matter). I’m wondering if it’s because I can’t

grip the med ball due to it’s leathery smooth surface and my body’s using any means

necessary to grip the ball for the slam. Any feedback is appreciated.

Are you sure it’s not the pec tendon attachment? I strained the hell out of mine with a slam ball.

No, it’s the bicep. Smack dab in the ‘belly’ or whatever you call it. Like a pulled muscle and it’s always the left. If I don’t initiate the pull in pronated chins it can happen and when I used to deadlift it did as well. I don’t know if it’s because I don’t warm it up properly or what.