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Mechatronics - Wave of the Future



the DOL has identified a need for 500,000 persons trained in Mechatronics in order to meet the need of the new economy.

This is a great application for the new millenials, in that there is not heavy industrial projects, more integration and problem solving - along with the computer component - techie and mechanical.

If you know any twentysomething that is interested in a new type of career - have them check into this field.

the video does suggest college training, but there are technical schools and building trades unions that offer the training and a new career~

exciting stuff for those who like mechanical work -


What was the link for?


Yeah Edgy, WHAT THE FUCK IS THE LINK FORRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!???????????


Because Edgy refuses to post a "wave of the future" video you can have this instead



wowzers - I sure fuckled that shite up~

lets try that one again, shall we?


My sister's fiancé is in a University Mechatronics program - one of the first in the nation (and my alma mater). Many of the graduates go straight into leadership roles or fast-track development programs. It sounds like a multi-disciplinary degree that incorporates ME, EE and software engineering/computer science. You know, so they can develop the T1000 to come back and kill John Conner.

Seriously though, it looks to have a lot of merits. Apparently the current downside is that it is new and there is no specific certification for it.


Edgy, that video looks like it's from the early 90's lol


Tru - and since those with the degrees are going into management, it leaves the crafts to send certified mechanics into the field for the actual installations and programming - Millwrights are on the cutting edge, as far as industry qualifications are concerned.


so... not quite 'cutting edge'?


Will it help me make this?