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Mechano Growth Factor


Has anyone tried Mechano Growth Factor yet. I've been unable to find a source that isn't extortionate. It still seems to be the domain of research chemical suppliers but the prices seem really steep. The research so far seems really interesting (Goldspink et al), but I'm curious to read anyone's personal experience.



http://www.ibenutrition.com has it in stock for like 100 bucks.

I have no financial or other fiduciary ties to this company.


Where can u learn more about dosage, frequency, who really knows anything about this yet.

Except that it turned some lab rats into mutants


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I know...but for whom am I whoring? First a schill for one chem site, then a whore for Biotest, now IBE.

I think I am more of a slut than a whore because I am giving it away for free - not just pimping the sites that sell my book (Which will hit the shelves in mid to late July)


I'd seroiusly hold of on getting any unitl more feedback/somebody can figure out HOW to use it effectively. However, the site that was reccomended has the hookup. Look around a bit or if you have to pm me and I'll show you some links that "might" be working in the right direction (the boys are trying) to figuring out how to use mgf.


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The company claiming to have it also came out with "Oral IGF" awhile ago...a product no major pharmaceutical house ever produced.

They are, at present, the only research chemical company I would warn everyone not to buy from.


Bro, their products have all worked for me. Plus I've seen plenty of feedback on oratropin, and it looked just like igf-1. BTW, they have a pretty large amount of clientel to for a company that sucks. Anyway that's all I'm going to say, we obviously don't agree on that and that's cool. I still like you :slight_smile:


I think their clientel is kinda small, actually...

Their Clientel (is that the right spelling?? Clientele'?) is the smallest of the major chem companies, I think. They don't have any major boards in their stable (50k members or more), etc..

Anyway, I don't buy their claim that they came out with oral IGF and yet no pharmaceutical company ever has...because the smallest research chem company in the AAS world is most likely not that clever, in all probability...

I actually had Mind and Muscle turn down (refund) their advertising money...

I really don't beleve they are a good company, and as I said, they are the only research chem company on the market (only real/major one) I feel this way about.

Agree to disagree, I guess...


Well bro, I know how us Jersey boys can get so I won't start a pissing contest but if you can show me a source that has better prices, and that would include when they run their bogo sales (wich make the prices unbelievebale from what I've seen) PLUS you can show me some sort of lab analysis that shows their product is bunk, then I'd say you're probably right and I'd thank you. As for the oral-igf 1, for me that was never really an issue. All the feedback seemed to show results that where alot like regular igf1, for more money, just not interesting to me. But back to the company themselves, I'd assume that you have reason to believe their product is not 100%, because service wise they're on point and very polite, helpful ect. So I'm kinda scratching my head as to what isn't good about them bro?


BTW, I'm not always impressed the most by where the largest number of people tend to flock. ie "the biggest boards" I'm not going to name any as if you look around you'll see where I'm pretty much at, I see the same people in alot of these places, and none of them are "big boards". General rule of thumb is most people are idiots, hence the place where "most people" are is probably where you're going to fing the most idiots. This is getting way off topic though and turning into a circle jerk, clientel? cleintle? Tomato, Tomatoe, we all like to juice bro.


The research Chem company phoenixpeptide.com are selling it, but it is $120 for 100 ?g.


The reasons hooker is blasting IBE are

  1. The new chem site isn't running yet.

  2. IBE is a competitor to his sugar daddy

  3. IBE doesn't have a "Buy AR's book" banner on their site.

Additionally, it is a badge of honor to be kicked off of a board hooker is on. See - when hooker feels threatened he bans, or has his friends do the banning for him. Classy guy - and so full of integrity. Trust him at the expense of your own health.


  1. No...thats got nothing to do with anything. The guy who runs that site is ok with me. I just declined to work with him. No biggie.

  2. IBE isn't a competitor of note. They have a very small market share. When I saw their name as being part of the revenue going into my monthly pay, I asked for them to be removed.

  3. I could have rectified this situation with them and other companies. I choose not to (thus losing myself money) - for ethical reasons.

No big deal, but as I said IBE isn't a company I wanted to be paid by. There's only one more I can name that I declined letting sell my book or being paid by for work.

As for being kicked off a board I am a staff member on; nobody threatens me, in an intellectual sence. I typically ban people for being either detrimental to my work concerns or professional interests. Nobody "threatens" me per se.


Regardless of who is selling what, the results that i have read on MGF are just not panning out to be the holy grail of muscle building that everyone thought it would be. Almost all the anecdotal evidence I have read goes something like this "uh yeah its great stuff, i think i am bigger and i look leaner." I have yet to see any real documented evidence from anyone i would trust. I would personally stay away from it.


That's usually the way it goes until someone figures out a way to make it work. Hooker actually wrote a pretty decent article about MGF. I don't think I would ever take MGF myself - or even IGF for that matter.


I totally agree. Every second week there seems to be a 'holy grail' of performance enhancing drugs. I always take them with a pinch of salt until the real research has been done. But like the cat, I'm one curious mutha.


Typically, the larger boards have more money, and therefore can pay a higher quality staff. Smaller boards are staffed by amateurs (volunteers- nothing wrong with that), while larger ones are staffed by professionals. The latter typically produce a much higher quality of work for this reason.

A guy who holds a 9-5 job simply can't produce the quality of work that someone who spends their hours between 9-5 researching and writing. You know what I mean?

You can't researh something in your spare time and hope to compete with someone who does it all day. Larger boards just produce better work, especially in this field. There are very few exceptions to this rule, I think...