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Mechano Growth Factor

Hey Guys,

My supplement guy has been talking to me about MGF and how some of his guys are getting fantastic results with this peptide. I struggle to believe they are getting the results he’s talking about without other products being stacked but he is quite adamant about it.

I’m not in the market for trying it but I’m always keen to learn more. Unfortunately every forum thread or bit of information I seem to find on MGF seems to be dated between 2006-2009.

Does this mean that the hype around it has died down?
Anyone have any real info on it for stand alone use?
Did Peg-MGF actually increase the half-life of the original MGF.

Sorry lots of questions and not much in terms of current information.

Failure of all the above, just a link to something quite current would be much appreciated.

Many thanks as always.


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[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
If you look at what goldspink has written on various peptides, you might agree that MGF is of limited use. Its role chiefly seems to be to signal the formation of new sattelite cells, which is only of use (IMO) if you have been on the kind of AAS and GH protocol that has depleted their levels by warrant of conversion into extra myonuclei.


Many thanks as always BBB - I checked out dats forum but couldn’t see anything recent. Will check out Goldspink.