Mechanics of Exercises

Hi, just wanted to get some opinions on this…

What is the best position for the Bench Press to recruit as much of the chest muscles and as least of the triceps and deltoids muscles as possible? (eg. incline/flat/decline, width of grip)

What is the best position for the Bent over Barbell Row to recruit as much of the lats and as least of the biceps and posterior deltoids as possible? (pull to chest/abdominals, width of grip, etc)

Thanks for your help.

Dave Tate has provided some excellent benching articles that provide details of the mechanics of the bench. Also there was a thread in the forum where someone posted the numbers you’re asking about regarding the various benches. I believe the Incline Bench had the highest percentage. However, to me, it’s all individual. I prefer the flat bench, since it’s been the hardest for me in terms of strength gains. Incline DB presses, bench are pretty easy for me.
Also, your arms length could change the mechanics a bit. Nevertheless, still read Tate’s article - do a search using his name.

As for the Bent Over Barbell row: read Ian King's articles on back training.

bench press: your forearms should be exaclty perpindiclar to the ground at touching your chest. on flat bench, the bar should be about 1" from the nipples. push straight up, and after the sticking point, “arc” about an 1"-2" towards your head. this 1"-2" or so arc should last until the top of the lift, so it’s a gradual, subble arc.