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Mechanically Separated Meat

Anyone have an opinion one way or another on Armour Potted Meat (Mechanically Separated Meat)? I am trying to live off of a relatively small budget and I found this stuff.

Basic Ingredients are:

Mechanically Separated Chicken
Mechanically Separated Beef

Each serving gives approx: 11 Grams Protein/11 Grams Fat/1 Gram Carb

I am planning on using this stuff to cut down, and at 30 cents a can it seems like a bargain to me.

Anywho, I know mechanically separated meat is the crap ground off the bone after any high quality stuff has all ready been used, so no need to point that out necessarily.

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Yeah, there’s a reason it’s cheaper than dog food…

Besides being gross, it’s probably laden with tons of salt and generally not good for you. Look at the sodium content, I bet it’s high.