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Mechanical Drop Set

Hi Christian
In the type2b program how do I do a walking lunge mechanical drop set?
A lateral raise mechanical drop set?
Db shoulder press mechanical drop set?
Thankyou Aaron

It should be mentioned in the program. I found out that the editor did a poor job with the programs and I had to redo them all and will publish the new ones shortly.

But just in case:

A mechanical drop set is doing 3 variations of a similar movement pattern one after the other (10-15 sec rest), kinda like a superset. Using the same weight, starting with the weakest movement to the strongest. The prescribed reps are for the first movement and the next two are do for the maximum number of quality reps possible.


  • Short step lunges
  • Long step lunges
  • DB squats


  • DB lateral raise seated on incline bench
  • DB lateral raise standing
  • DB front raise


  • Arnold press
  • Strict DB press
  • DB push press

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