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Mechabol Review (+10 lb), Quick Question

Hello everyone this is my first post here, I think this is a great website and I wasn’t sure if should post something about PH here but there seems to be a lot of knowledgeable people here so I figured it wouldn’t hurt.

To begin with this cycle was my first PH ever and I have been training on and off for about 2 years (I am 24 years old) and the purpose of this post is to share my experiences so that others deciding on Mechabol can have something to read. Even though I am a novice I want to contribute something.

People will immediately jump and say I should have waited and built a stronger base for myself and I completely agree, but that isnâ??t the point of this post.

Anyway I am about to finish my first Mechabol cycle that went something like 75/100/100/125/125/125 and I still have four more days left before I start my PCT, I started at 162 lb and I am now 173 lb.

I wish I took a body fat percentage but from the way I feel and look I will say I have at most gained 2lb of fat. I will be doing hydrostatic body fat testing a week from now during my PCT and after I am done with PCT as well, I will update this post when I get the results.

But before I get into my PCT I will describe how my cycle went.

The first week I felt very little but by the beginning of week three it was a lot better, people say you should start at 75mg but even though I was light and a novice 125 seemed to be the sweet spot.

Libido: No difference, I read in some places guys were hornier than usual but I did not experience and difference there.

Strength: Definitely saw an increase in strength

Pumps: For the love of god do yourself a favor and get taurine the back and calf pumps are crazy, I couldnâ??t afford it with all the crap that is going on I go to university and trying to move out but that is a different post on its own.

Hair loss: I am predisposed to this crap so yes I shed. Was it noticeable? No I seem to stop shedding after the third week was over and throughout the cycle I used nizoral shampoo.

Overall feeling: I noticed I felt fuller and more motivated to go to the gym, in fact I would be hanging out with friends and all I could think about was squatting of curling.


I followed my diet very closely with the exception of the chicken I did not use oil to cook any of my food.
Calories: 2826
Protein: 231
Fat: 48.5 gr
Carb: 384


My last day will be on Friday and I will start my PCT the next day on Saturday. Here is what I have:
Liquid clomid: 100/100/50/50/50
PES erase
Activate Extreme

-PCT DIET/training???
If you guys helped me out on this part I would like that, a lot.

I liked this cycle but I am going to train naturally form now on until I have a solid base and then think about doing another cycle. I have read many posts about diet and training but people tend to have different opinions on the matter.

My plan is to drop carbs from 384 to around 250 (or drop it even more?), keep my calories at around the level. Or should I drop my calories as well?? I really donâ??t want to turn into a fat mess as I am actually happy with how a look, for once.

Lastly, I have read many times over that one should keep the intensity high and the volume low and preferably train no more than 3 times a week, is there any truth to this as I plan to do no more than 15 sets and 6-8 reps (mostly compound) 3 times a week with high intensity.

If I have left anything out please tell me.

so, Mechabol is basically H-drol (4-chloro), right? if so, that’s a crazy dose you used for a first cycle… 50-75 worked just fine for me.

[quote]cycobushmaster wrote:
so, Mechabol is basically H-drol (4-chloro), right? if so, that’s a crazy dose you used for a first cycle… 50-75 worked just fine for me.[/quote]

That’s a good question, I’d love for someone to be able to explain that to me.

They are both 17a-methyl 4-enes, but I don’t think that means they’re both H-drol:

Mech (Methyl Clostebol) is

4-chloro-17α-methyl-17β-hydroxy-androst-4-en-3-one, or

and Halodrol is

4-chloro-17a methyl-androst-1,4-diene-3,17b-diol

Supposedly that makes Mechabol an active P-mag. So, all in the same family? Ish? People say P-mag is “more wet than H-drol”, but both are supposed to be dry, so… whatever that means.

Anyway, I ran a cycle of 75ED of H-drol for six weeks, and was really happy with the results. Was thinking of now (four years later) running a cycle of mech (actually celtic’s mech clone) and was curious about dosing.

I’ve seen people recomended 50-75ED or 75-125ED, but I don’t really have any idea which is the smarter play.

I was thinking 6 weeks @ 75, but keep seeing people run it higher.

Also nolva pct, obv.

Anyone have any thoughts on dosing? Wetness/dryness? Sides?