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Hey T-MEN!
Worked out yesterday at GOLDS VENICE BEACH. Man,what a transformation that Gym has made in less than a year. Just a year ago, it looked like a shit hole, now it looks world class. There is a guy there that is a personal trainer that I have seen in an old bodybuilding magazine. I believe he competed with Arnold during his era. He is black, wears his hair in braids…I guess about 40 something. Anybody know who Im talking about. Someone told me his name once and forgot it. Roland Kickinger was working out, he’s alot smaller than I thought he was. Wild! Love that Gym

Black, braids, Arnold era: Robby Robinson?

I believe you are referring to the “trainer to the Pros” Charles Glass. Why are you so impressed with this guy? From what I hear when it comes to training, he talks a good game, but when it comes down to it he doesn’t know shit. Pros love him because he has serious juice connections.

A black guy with braids…Isn’t that Aaron Baker, also known as Batman?

It wasn’t Wyclef Jean, was it?

Milli or Vanilli? Was someone working out for them? It was Charles Glass.

I have been working out at Venice for about 6 yrs now. (when I can because I live in the LA area) The Gym has never ever looked like a shit hole. As a matter of fact It has always blown away every gym I have ever worked out at. To bad you only saw Roland, the rest of the pros were probably at the Arnold.

Charles Glass

Charles Glass, thats him. I have heard alot of good things about him. In any case,didnt mean to offend anyone from my intial observation of Golds Venice, but they have done so much to it, its no comparison. Im a member of World Gym but when I visit L.A., I’d rather pay the 15 buck day rate at the MECCA, than workout for free over at Joes place in Marina Del Ray. Alot more energy at GOlds than at World.