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Meatless Monday.




Why are you upset? Just means more for the rest of us, who could really use it


I'm upset because I'm sick of my family and friends telling me I eat too much meat


Grass-fed beef FTW. Eco-friendly, healthy, delicious.


My mom has gone from "You eat too much meat" to "You don't eat too much meat, just too much protein powder". One of the very few reasons why I'm glad I'm in another country.


My university has a meatless monday. Pisses me off to no end when I go into the cafeteria to pound down some food after a workout and I get generous portions of veggie lasagna =(


Aww man that's awful. Meals just don't see right without some sort of meat personally...I don't mind the idea but it's like don't force us in some cases :stuck_out_tongue:


I'm not against the idea, I just don't like when this, or any other belief, is forced down someone's throat.


Say what you want...like everything else in life, it comes back to laziness. Cooking meat takes more effort. Eating meat is a much more formidable task than eating bread.


Jesus fucking christ. This seems like a reason to go to a new university.


Is grass-fed beef really eco-friendly? It stands to reason that turning vegetables into cows is a lot more energetically demanding than just eating the grass to begin with.

I eat meat for several reasons but the environment isn't one of them.



If you take a look at the overall message about food, they're just promoting healthy eating (eat more fruits and veggies, get your fiber, and limit the processed sugary stuff). I do think the idea that everyone should eat less meat because that is what is destroying the environment or making everyone fat is downright stupid. But if the campaign is causing people to stop and think about what they are putting into their bodies, at least occasionally, it can't be ALL bad.

I don't see a problem with participating restaurants adding a vegetarian dish or two to the menu as long as they aren't refusing to serve non-vegetarian dishes on "meatless mondays". It should be up to the individual if they want to particpate. They shouldn't be forced to because wherever they are eating will not serve meat that day.


yeah but they're promoting lies about saturated fat and the dangers of red meat like people back in the 90s....


If a feeding doesn't have meat it's just a snack


You should petition for a meat only day. Plantless Tuesday or something.


Most pasture is non-arable, so having an animal graze there maximizes the potential food yield from a given area of land. If you didnt have any animals graze there, it wouldn't serve any other purpose, so you might as well do SOMETHING with it.

Growing grain strictly for the purposes of feeding meat animals is wasteful, as an animal will convert feed to bodyweight at a ratio of 6:1-10:1


Kids at my school would probably cry without their pasta, pizza, and soft serve/desert stations.