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Meatheads Guide to Alcohol


I'm 19 years old in college at NC STATE. I put my diet, lifting program, school, social life in that order. I love to drink and party but I don't do it often at all in fact last year I drank maybe once or twice every 2 to 3 months because I was so dedicated to my training program.

Christian's post said it did lower the testosterone levels of someone and i've heard that before but when he said the group who got studied after a workout where they drank alcohol then their hormone levels didn't change after 5 hours. Does this mean I can still benefit from a good workout even if I go out and drink that night?

Lately I've been drinking once a week but if I have a great leg or chest workout I'll make myself not to drink but then again I say to myself what the fuck, I'm in college. I've heard before if you workout on the day you drink you might as well have not worked out because protein synthesis is affected. Any views or tips on this?


Arnold smoked weed and drank beer.


I think the best answer is, if you're gonna do anything smoke weed its much safer in comparison to alcohol.


Beer, who needs water?



You're welcome


While it might not be ideal, I usually go out two to three nights a week and have drinks. My lifts have been steadily going up and I'm not gaining a bunch of fat.

Would they be going up even more w/out the booze? No idea, but I'll tell you what unless you are looking to go pro at whatever it is you do I think it's foolish to skip out on a night out because you are afraid it will hamper your gains.

I think the detrimental effects of alcohol are exaggerated quite a bit.


If you go on the Lean Gains website, there's a great article on alcohol as it pertains to testosterone levels and protein synthesis. I'm not going to try to summarize it because I don't want to open up that can of worms, but you should definitely check it out.


For my part I just try to keep it to one night a week, and I drink whatever I want. It might be slightly detrimental, but I'm nowhere near mature enough to give it up yet.


I went to NCSU as well. I say live it up and drink a bit. I've only noticed issues with alcohol after drinking for 3-4 consecutive days.


Like anything else, quantities are important.


all things in moderation.


You only live once. You will regret it if you dont make the most of college while you can. You wont have another chance to have 0 real responsibilities + thousands of other people your age within a few miles of each other.

I didnt get completely smashed all that often in college but a few beers wont ruin your physique. You wont be winning any contests either but theres plenty of time to do that if you desire.


Just eat a bunch of protein throughout the day, while minimizing carb and fat intake. I think you can limit yourself to 5 drinks/week and still have a really good time.


don't ever stop living your life for weight lifting.


I was the biggest I've ever been in college and was in a fraternity and playing college athletics, both of which involved a heavy dose of partying (4+ nights per week).

Work hard to play hard. Go all out in the gym, go all out in your social life, that's what college is for and you best take full advantage of every minute you have there.

The best part is, after having gone all out in my four years of college, it's all out of my system, and I'm fully focused on the next stage of my life.

(I graduated with a double major and high honors, so I wasn't just skipping classes either to make up for it)


You put your diet and lifting above school?
Are you serious or was that a typo?


its great that your so dedicated but the gym will ALWAYS be there. your 4 years of college will not, live it up a bit bro


You put your diet and lifting above school?
Are you serious or was that a typo?


When I think back to college all I remember is the parties, the women, and athletics.

I wouldn't trade any one of those categories to improve the other two.


I make my own beer and have 2 kegs in the fridge all the time. I drink a pint a day atleast....I dont see the issue hear. just dont turn into an alcholic and I think your fine.