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Meathead Stereotypes


Hey guys, here's a video I made that pokes fun of "Meathead" stereotypes. Thought you'd enjoy:


DAT buttocks...

DAT Spandex....

DAT casually arrogant facial expression.....

The things I would do....

Also, I do believe that redistribution leads to a higher time preferance and therefore a an infantilization of a people as a whole and, given that it is mostly a wealth transfer between men and women, a kind of social sexual environmental pollution...


hahaha...We could have used you as Bouncer #3


I would love to be stereotyped as a meathead. That would be a dream.


that was great. I didn't recognize you at first, all cleaned up!
interesting views on politics & religion too as a bonus! thanks and good luck


Who writes this stuff?

I mean, I like you as an actor,because you portray it well, but whoever wrote this is pretty good at observing human behavior.


Funny, I viewed the pseudo-intellectual babble as the most meat-headed stuff the guy could say (e.g., falsely portraying the libertarian/Conservatarian views on abortion and homosexual marriage (which is just "leave people alone" and let them do what they want) as Democrat ideals, when the actual Democrat ideal is to force religious people to celebrate things against their religion and fund things that are abhorrent to them --- that is, "leave people alone, if they agree with me")

I've heard many a actually stupid meat-head express similar shallow (but deep-sounding) thoughts under similar false pretenses too many times, so I assumed that was the joke.


Thanks! I wrote this one as well. We have a 10 episode season coming out. I wrote or co-wrote about 6 or 7 of them. Glad you liked!


^^^^ Meathead #4?


Pfft. I'd be the Jewish club owner.




I thought her ass wasn't really that good.


Come on, while a lot of womens asses take a turn for the worse once you unwrap them, her buttocks and the way she displayed them were unapproachable..

At least post a pic of what constitutes an acceptable ass for you...

Jesus, some guys....


We actually have an episode that deals with these sorts of guys. Stay tuned!


We covered this in The Belfie thread.



I agree with Orion (as scary as that is), your observations and portrayals of human behavior are really well done.

also, who knew you could grow hair...


Awesome, very well done


Ah, the good old days, when I COULD grow hair. That episode was shot two years ago. And thanks for the good words, much appreciated.


Very, very well said.

There was a lot of mushy amd mixed=up metaphysics in the spiel on religion, too.

I did like the concept of the video, however.


There is definitely some comedic opportunity in the stereotypes between lifting factions.