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Meathead Home Gym Powerlifting 2018


Forgot to mention that yesterday I did a deload set of 385 deadlift without bands for 3 reps and a set with 315 for 6 reps.

I am not squatting today. My back is fried and I have had a lot to eat/drink. Tomorrow I will be benching and squatting.


I just remembered that @ActivitiesGuy was doing a Daily Dose of Deadlift program not too long ago. I bet it could be used for squat as well if you’re looking for a set program.


Cool! I would love to check it out. I think I might be using high percentages a little too often because my back seems to be eternally sore. I am interested about how other programs instruct you to disperse the load.

Today was day 15/30. I did 2 sets of 5 with 305. My goal going in to today was to do another set with that weight but my form was really breaking down on the second set so I decided to end it there and do a burn-out with 225 instead.

I also benched heavy today. 275x5, 295x2, 305x1 then 325x2 slingshot, and 345x1 slingshot and some help from my spotter. Triceps. Abs.


Google Daily Dose Deadlift Program and it should be the first result. It’s on a website called Strong First.

Did you look at this?


I read the article. I am going to use his percentages and rep scheme for the next two weeks. Thanks!

Yesterday was 16/30. I worked up to a set of 3 with 295 which is 85% of my max.

Day 17/30 I did the top set of 3 with 295 and felt good enough to hit the prescribed heavy single at 92.5% which was 320.
I also did back today. Heavy t-bar row. Heavy shrugs. BW pull-ups. Dumbbell curls. Abs.


Day 18/30 squat top sets: 295x3 305x2

Bench, 260x1. Light shoulder press. Taking it easy with pressing after going pretty heavy on Monday. My plan for bench is to bench light next week then start Candito’s advanced bench program the week after.


Today is day 22/30. I missed Friday and Sunday. So, this far, I have missed a total of 4 days out of 22. I am sticking to the rep scheme 8,5,5,3,1 with some minor variation depending on how I feel and what my goal top set is for the day. Today I did 295x2, 315x1, then 330x2. I also did back and biceps today.
Yesterday in addition to squatting I did bench. I used reverse bands for all of my working sets. I did 225x5, 275x3, 295x3,315x3. The reverse bands gave as much resistance as my slingshot does, but it seemed like I had a little bit more control of bar path which I liked.


Today is day 30/30. I have worked up to 340 and 345 this week for my top single. Today I hit a new PR! My rep scheme was 225x5, 275x2, 315x1, 335x1, 355x1. It moved very fast but with only my wife to spot me I decided not to jump any higher today. I learned a lot with this squat everyday program. At this point I can very confidently say that I love my squat form. I keep my knees jammed out and I no longer stress my lower back. I think the improvements in form are probably more important that the 10 lb PR that I made. I think now that my form is better I will continue to improve at a good pace.

I also started Candito’s advanced bench program this week. I have been doing 3x3 with 225 then heavy accessory then isolation work. The first three weeks of the program have me benching 5x a week. So far my shoulder feels great and I am looking forward to this. I plan to max at the end of May as this program suggests.


2nd week of Candito’s advanced bench program done.
Monday-Friday benching using 3x3 with 235. On Monday I also did singles with 275 and throughout the rest of the week I did heavy partials with top sets of 295 or 315. My chest was very worn out by Friday. I have been eating a lot and I had off of work this week which means my sleep has been really good. Overall I feel pretty good about this program. One more crazy week next week then a deload week after.

I squatted 1x this week with two top sets of 295.

I also sumo deadlifted 2x this week. I did a single with 365 the first day and reps with 275 the second day. I am not a flexible man at all. But I have oddly flexible groin muscles (adductors?) so getting my body close to the bar in a sumo position is surprisingly easy and leaves my back feeling good afterwards. I am going to continue w


So far this week:

Monday bench 285 for 3 singles then 250x3 for 3 sets.

Tuesday bench 250x3x3. Close-grip 195x12 for 3 sets.

Today (Wednesday) bench 250x3x3. BW dips 3x12.
Squat 295x1, 275x10, 225x10, 185x10.


Monday Bench: 10 sets of 3 with 275. Close grip 1 set of 14 with 205.

Today squat 225x10, 245x10, 260x10. Sumo deadlift 225x10, 295x6, 295x3,3,3. Pull-ups and cable rows.


Thursday. Bench 7 sets of 3 with 290. Dips with 45lbs for 1 set 15.


Tuesday bench 3x3 with 300lbs. Right shoulder bothered me slightly in AC joint area. Very slight discomfort. Feels baseline this evening. My next bench session this week is supposed to be a 5RM PR. I am thinking of attempting somewhere from 295-305 range.


Wednesday Back and legs.

T-bar row, barbell row, BW pull-ups.

Back squat 225x10, 245x10, 260x10. I did the same set/rep scheme as last week but it felt much improved. I had a better movement pattern on my last couple reps of each set. I will increase the weight next week.

I also did sumo squat 225x5, 275x5, and 315x5. All with double overhand grip. Felt solid.


Friday 5/18: all time rep PR on the bench: 300x6.
I had a friend with me today to hype me up and give me a good lift-off. My program was to set a 5rep PR but the fifth rep moved so easily I had to get another. I don’t think in terms of RPE very often but I wouldn’t even rate the 6 rep as being above a 9.
I am doing a heavy partials day next week and then planning to try a 1RM next Sunday.


Sunday: light back squat. Top set 250x10.

Monday: back/biceps. Weighted pull-ups, single arm pull-downs, barbell row (lightweight), barbell and dumbbell standing curls.

Tuesday: overload bench. Slingshot 345x1 and 365x1. High pin-press 365x2. Everything felt strong. Plan for Sunday is to lift 325 (5lb PR) and then attempt 335-345.


Wednesday and Thursday I did a light back day and a light leg day.

Sunday was bench PR day! I will list my warm up sets as well. BW exactly 187lbs.
Empty bar x10-15, 135x12, 185x3, 225x3, 275x1, 295x1, 305x1, 325x1 PR, 335x1 PR
Afterward in good spirits with some other lifting buddies we did a 225 rep-out and I completed 225x16.

All of the sets and reps were touch and go. The 335 was a grinder. I was planning to do a static hold with supramaximal weight between 305 and 325 but I completely forgot. I rested for approximately 5min between sets/attempts.

This completes my 6th week of Candito’s advanced bench press program. I truly only have good things to say about the program. Lots of volume in the beginning, so much so that I could barely finish the accessory work some days. Then it peaked very well. I did not miss a rep of the workout so I believe that the percentages that he chose were spot on in terms of pushing me to my limit but not destroying my ability to recover. The system calculated your weights to use based off of your previous 1RM and your desired 1RM. I was using 335 as my desired 1RM and that is what I got! Total success.

Today, Monday May 28th I did some front squat 185x10 for 3 sets, some BW Bulgarian squats for sets of 10, and ab work.


Thursday I did a full body circuit. Bench press, squat, weighted pull-ups, weighted dips, curls. I cycled through four times with 3-4 min break in between circuits. Bench 185x10, squat 225x8, pull-up 25lbx8, dip 25lbx8, curl 30lb x8-10 each arm.

Friday: deadlift. Sumo warm-up, 315x2, 365x1, 225x8. Stiff leg deadlift in sumo stance, 135lb 2 sets 12. Also, light shoulder raises.


Squat 315x3. Hips rose too early on 2nd and 3rd rep. I need a lot of quad hypertrophy to happen still.
Conventional deadlift 360x3 full pause at bottom.