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Meathead Home Gym Powerlifting 2018


Hello All!

I am a new member to the forum but I have been reading and following along for awhile now. I decided to start this thread to document my lifting this year. I am 24 y/o. I have been lifting consistently for about 3 years now. I lifted all through college but I basically skipped leg day every week so I can’t really count that as consistent lifting. I learned how to lift in high school with the football team so I do have a decent background of proper form etc… 1 year ago I dropped my membership and stocked my basement with gym equipment. I competed in a powerlifting meet this past summer ‘17 with RPS. I was going to wait to compete until I had better PRs but I decided (with some inspiration from people on this forum actually) that there was no real reason to wait. I totaled 1050lbs which I was happy about. 340/310/400. I completed a 320 bench for my third attempt but I lifted my feet off the floor (this will hopefully be an easy mental error to fix). My bench was good for my weight-class but my squat and deadlift have a lot of room for improvement. I competed in the 181lb class and my body weight was 179lbs at the time. I fluctuate throughout the year between upper 170’s and mid 180’s. I stay decently lean. I eat well. I only count protein because I habitually eat healthy carbs and low fat. I almost always get 150-180 grams protein per day. Currently I am working out 3 times per week with full-body workouts. The only supplements I take are creatine 5g daily, preworkout, fish oil/daily vitamin, and BCAAs.
I plan to post on this log after every workout with my current BW and lifts of the day.

Current BW: 183.6

Squat: 6,3,2,1 255,275,295,315
Bench: 5x1: 280
Back: 5x5 t-bar row heavy
Triceps, biceps, shoulders: 4x10 dips, curls, lateral raises.

Thanks for reading. All comments welcome.


My goal this year is to compete again in the spring or summer and hit a 335lb bench and increase my squat and deadlift PR by 50lbs each.


Workout today at 182.2 BW

Squat: 6,3,3 275,315,315
Bench TNG: 3,3,Amrap of 8 275lbs
Weighted pull-ups
Romanian deadlift
Banded flyes
Reverse an-crunch

I was very excited about the bench press of 8 with 275. I am pretty sure it is a PR. I almost got the 9th rep but I needed some assistance from my spotter.


The good news is that those neglected muscles will improve a lot faster than your bench!

Welcome to the log section of the forum and I’m looking forward to seeing those squat and deadlift numbers go up.


Thanks, I appreciate it.
That’s what I am hoping will happen. I will keep you posted


This was yesterday’s workout. BW 181.8

Close-grip bench 5x8 205lbs
Comp grip bench 1x8 225
Deadlift 4x8 295

Band chest flyes
BW pull-ups
One-arm t-bar row

I think I have a bad habit of leaning out over the bar during heavy deadlifts, so, I was working yesterday on keeping the weight in line with my shoulders.


Yesterday afternoon. BW 183.2

Bench 5x1 285
Square 6,3,2,1 260,280,300,320

Biceps, triceps, shoulders, abs


Workouts from the past week:

Bench 3,3, Amrap of 7 with 280
Deadlift 6,3,3 315,350

Bench 5x8 215
Squat 4,8,4,8

Deadlift 5x1 335

Body weight hasn’t really budged. Left bicep tendon is bothering me so I didn’t bench on Wednesday. The 280 for 7 set that I did was a PR so hopefully this minor tweak I’m feeling doesn’t take too long to heal up so I can get back to the grind.


Friday: bench 1 set 255x3. My bicep tendon felt okay but I decided not to go any heavier. I will go back to my full routine this week.
Squat 295x3, 315x3, 325x3

Yesterday I did an extra arm workout.


Bench today 5x8 with 215.

Deadlift 315x2 335x2 355x2 375miss (damn)

Barbell overhand row 3x10 135lbs

Band chest flyes. Band lat pull downs. Abs.


Yesterday bench 5x1 275. Squat 5x1 300. Hit some light front squat. Deadlift two sets of 1 with 350.


Yesterday. Bench 260 3,3,10. Squat 275 3,3,8.
Triceps skull crushers


Deadlift squat-stance 315x3 for two sets and conventional stance 315x3 for 1 set and then an Amrap for 6.
Biceps. BW pull-ups 3x15. Abs

BW 184


Today I did front squat 5x8 with 185lbs. I do not vary my leg training enough so I decided to do front squats on my hypertrophy day instead of comp stance like normal. I am embarrassed with the amount of weight I was using but I know if I add more of this movement into my training I can build my strength with it quickly.
I also benched with a close grip (full hand inside the powerlifting knurl mark) to mix it up a bit. I did 5x8 with 210 and light resistance bands.
Tricep kick backs and band chest flyes. Abs


I have two days to log.
Yesterday I did 5x8 deadlift with 265lbs. BW pull-ups 3x15 and curls.

Today I did 5x1 squat with 285lbs and 5x1 bench with 275lbs. Then lunges and tricep push-downs.


Friday 2/23 I did deadlift 5x1 320lbs. Cable rows, bicep curls, abs.


Saturday bench 260 3,3,Amrap for 8. Shoulder still bothering me. I am meeting with a physical therapist tomorrow to see if he can help me identify which muscle/tendon is bothering me.

Yesterday (Monday) I deadlifted with 315 for 3,3, Amrap 8. Heavy t-bar row. BW Pull-ups. Abs.


Hypertrophy bench today 5x10 with 205. Only got 8 on last set. Cable flyes. Incline dumbbell press.
Front squat 185 for 4x8 and 205 for 1x8. Leg extensions 4 sets.

I met with a PT today who thought my shoulder pain is stemming from my bicep tendon where it inserts on the labrum of the shoulder joint. He said my rotator cuff muscles seem strong and my scapula seems well positioned. He recommended some stretches, rotator exercises, and ice if it bothers me again. Looking back, and based on how I can reproduce the pain, I think I misgroved with one of my Amrap sets a couple weeks ago and shrugged my shoulders up way out of position. When I am diligent about my form the pain is negligible so my plan is to continue with my programming, maintain strict form, rest an extra day if need be, and if things start to feel worse I will completely drop bench for a week or so. I recently cycled back to lower weights in my program so I should be in a good position to work carefully through this. If not, then a week or two of rest is no biggie. I don’t even have a date for my next competition yet so I don’t need to feel urgency at the detriment of longevity.


Deadlift 5x8 with 275. I feel a better lat contraction and better overall stability with a double overhand grip so I am incorporating that into my deadlifting. I completed all my warm-ups and my first working set with hook grip, then 2 sets with double overhand, then the last 2 sets switching from one mixed grip to the other.

Pull-ups with BW and weights. Lateral cable rows. Curls.


Squat 290 for 5x1. Shoulder pain was sharp while warming up so I did not do any working sets of bench today.