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Meat You Don't Have to Cook


I know it's odd, but I'm in a situation where I'm not permitted to cook meat (except using microwave-bleh), so I have to eat meat that I don't have to cook. I'm not talking about taking raw steaks and feasting on them.

So far all I've figured out is tuna and unsalted turkey slices. Any suggestions?

Also I can cook eggs, so I don't have to worry about that.


Actually microwaved steak isn't all that bad. 3 minutes on each side(1/4 inch thickness) on an uncovered plate and you're set.


Whew, East Indians are sure active this week :slight_smile: But good to see you don't have any dietary constraints to mar your progress.
Anyway, canned cooked chicken (around a dollar a can I believe), canned tuna, sliced roast beef (IF you're permitted to eat it), sliced turkey and chicken breast, sushi, canned poached salmon, canned baby clams, beef jerky, salmon jerky ...pretty endless AFAIK.
What are you looking for exactly? YOU can get almost any meat pre-cooked/pre-sliced. And you can always purchase chili (with/without beans) that you don;t even have to microwave before eating.


beef jerky, bison jerky, any kind of jerky...


I aint east Indian, black and white.

I can eat anything, anything, just can't cook it on a countertop. :frowning:

Also got a problem, is deli/turkey slices bad? I know it's low in fat/high in protein, BUT all that nitrates/sodium stuff gives me a headache trying to understand it.


Not the best option for certain, but as long as the macronutrients add up, eat up.


for deli meat, your best bet is to go to whole foods and get their nitrite/nitrate free kind


frozen precooked meat ? they do lots of this for salad toppings. meatballs, hell, you can by precooked chickens....


If you want to count fish, then you also have pre-cooked frozen shrimp. It's a matter of what you're willing to spend money wise as eating just beef jerky as your protein source will have you paying out your rear.


what about whole raw eggs.


Read the post and thought of this right away, raw but delicious meat.