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Meat Vs liquid protein

Is meat better than liquid protein (as in milk or milk powder)???

What about fish? Can I eat fish and get the same benefits as meat/beef?

Other than creatine and iron, what does the meat have that supplements dont?

Please reply!

Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. I hope you posted this before the new issue came out. If not I will have to kill you. The experiment VS Experience this week is on exactley this topic.
As far as fish goes however, salmon, tuna and other fish high in EFA’s are some of the best things you can eat.

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I think it was answered in this week’s issue. The point is that there’s no major difference in the quality of protein, but the other nutrients you get when you eat meat v. shake.

BTW -- the sound quality is very good and it's easy to understand. You really should listen to it.

As for fish -- I eat all fish and meat with equal enthusiasm. I don't think there's anything wrong w/ fish. I eat salmon (raw or lightly grilled), ahi tuna (seared 1-3 sec on each side), canned tuna, raw oysters, shrimps, and scallops pretty regularly, and I didn't notice any negative side effects although I know that some people are allergic to seafood and should avoid them.

I have been arguing with my my friend about this all week.He has a trainer who tells him that bars and shakes are predigested so they just go right through you.Not knocking the trainer hes actually quite good but everybody has different opinions when it comes to food.The point the trainer was making is that whole foods are much better for you and nobody can argue with that.
Anyways my sound on my computer isnt working can anybody give the general ideas of the articles?

BS, the general idea of the EXP VS E was that the protein in meat and shakes shouldn’t be the question because they’re equally as valuable but meat does provide a lot of tother nutrients and minerals that your body requires such, B12, iron, creatine and zoo something or others.Can;t remember exactley the name. It was also pointed out, and I’m sure you can relate that meat fills you up a lot more than shakes do.
Another thing is that the shakes should be used in more specialized situations… IE fast digesting whey post workout, casein before bed etc.
But the conclusion was that the differnce between quality of protein was negligible.
Hope this helps,

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