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Meat, Veggie &, Fruit Diet


Some would call it the paleolithic diet and I am pretty sure DJ is a proponent of eating this way.

Basically, very little dairy with the exception of some cheese and no grains or veggies that need to be cooked. The difference I have seen between THIS way of eating and a anabolic diet approach is that you do get enough carbs from fruits to stay well out of ketosis and they usually try to limit some of the sat fats.

I was just curious if anyone followed this type of meal plan and if you do could you post what they eat in a general day.


Actually, if you are running the Anabolic Diet correctly you aren't in ketosis.


My bad, just try to distinguish that their is a difference in food choice between the two eating plans so people dont just say "READ THE ANABOLIC DIET THREAD!"


That doesn't sound like a "diet" to me, that sounds like a full-time nutrition plan.

I eat that way at university (big deli sandwich, veggies, fruit for lunch and supper), because everything else they cook is crap. I use some milk too to keep protein intake up and calories, because it's cheap and filling. And nuts. Works just fine.