Meat sauce & freshness

OK, so my Italian girlfriend and i have just recently made some of her family secret recipee meatsauce. The yeild was something like 6-8 quarts worth that i jarred up and stuck in the freezer. My question is how long do i have to eat it after i defrost it? It has ground beef, ground pork and italian sausage. So i am assuming to keep the meat good i will have to eat it within a week?

Hmm this sounds like an e-mail for Emeril, not a post on a T-Mag board.

if it’s in the freezer dont worry about it for at least a month if it is will sealed. I am uber italian my family makes our own sauce, wine, sausages you name it… If it weren’t for the freezer we’d all be damn screwed!

lol, well as i recall we have a few chef’s here. And we do have plenty of pasta loving italians. So this shouldn’t seem like that crazy of a post. Whole wheat pasta and a meatsauce is one of the staple foods in my bulking programs.