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Meat/Protein Cravings on T-Replacement?

I actually take letrozole as prescribed by my physician for lab-confirmed hyperestrogenemia/hypogonadism with clinical features (gyno, gynoid habitus, etc.) With the letrozole, my levels are perfect (testosterone is actually on the high end–800). In the two years I’ve been taking it, I’ve noticed significant improvement–voice is deeper, gyno is improved, more masculine fat distribution, more confident, etc.

Anyway, the day after the first dose, I noticed that I was just craving protein. It was weird–I made myself an 8 egg omelette with plenty of cheese. I was just eating meat all day. I take the pill once per week, and the day after, I get famished for meat.

This post might not be particularly helpful, but I was just very curious since I don’t think this is something that anyone specifically mentions. I wanted to know if I was the only one.

I had a similar experience when I started TRT and more so when I used anastrozole to get E2=22pg/ml:

  • I was hungry all of the time, eating between meals did not help
  • Discovered that eating proteins resolve the problem for hours
  • Started whey protein shakes
  • These days I eat a lot of cheese and nuts

I was wearing 33-34" jeans and was flabby, but my weight had not changed over the years. I had lost muscle mass and gained weight. I now wear 31" jeans and my weight still has not changed. Lost the fat and gained muscle mass. My initial protein craving was probably fuelled by the muscle gain.

Another factor is that restoring your hormone levels also simply increases your metabolic rate.

Your story in interesting, but we do not have much background. You might find the stickies interesting. Start with the advice for new guys sticky.

We do not recommend letro here because its dose response is not very predicable. What is your dosing?

I know; I really should ask the doc to simply put me on the anastrazole. I’m taking 1/4 tablet per day, and I might go down even further. It has definitely been very powerful.

The first few days, I couldn’t stop going to the restroom–lost a lot of water retention. I still get somewhat hot. I haven’t lost much weight, but I’m very noticeably thinner–I’m down a lot of sizes despite remaining the same weight.