meat...ko or anybody?

I hear a lot of people saying they cook up a bunch of meat on the weekend and have it ready for the week. i thought most meats could only be kept in the fridge for a few days. am i wrong on this? the marinades you suggest give any etxra carb calories enough to actually count them?

As long as you are using fresh meat and not buying from the “bargain bin”, keeping cooked meat for a 4-5 days is not a problem. Any more than this, and I would freeze it. Just remember to cool it as rapidly as possible after cooking.

As far as, marinades go, unles you are using a ton of sugar (1 tspn has 4g of carbs, and very little will actually transfer to the meat), carbs should be negligible.

How do you account for fat and cals when using a marinade?


When you cook meat that has marinade with citrus juice or any type of sugar, it burns off while you cook it. Just dont add flour to any marinades or sauces.

Unless you are storing your meat in olive oil over night, I do not think that any considerable amount of fat transfers, and is not worth counting. As horace mentioned, most of it is going into the fire anyways. if you are still concerned with it, keep your marinading time to no more than 30 minutes.

I buy ny meat on the weekend and eat it raw through the week.