Meat is Good...

… And what could possibly be better than this??

The mind boggles.

[quote]etaco wrote:
… And what could possibly be better than this?

The mind boggles.[/quote]

Fantastic…I want a potted prime rib plant for my living room…oh mabe they mean only in a lab…well whatever.

Pretty interesting…You thank they can make those chicken nuggets with the sauce flavor already in them?

Seriously, they could probably make more protein and less fat meats this way…

I keep seeing the Simpsons episode where they are sucking there food through a tube and they have virtual reality goggles on to see the food they think they are eating, when I think about this being serious!

More than just more good meat for weight lifters, if the cost can be controlled think of what it means for world hunger problems.

Ah yes, ‘Chicken Little’ from the “Space Merchants,” or perhaps Soylent Green…

Gotta get me some of that funky chicken!

seriously, all you needed was the thread title. nothing else can add to it. i didn’t go to the url, but i agree, meat IS good.


This technique could actually limit the risks like CJD associated with… er… the soylent. Moreover, one wouldn’t have to feel bad about feasting on an actual person. After all, what could be more nutritious to a human than…

Wow. I’ve managed to disturb even myself. It’s not like Taco Bell hasn’t been using the real thing for years though.