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Meat & Insulin?

I saw this FAQ on this site:


and I’m wondering if there is any truth to it?

Clinical studies indicate that beef and cheese cause a bigger insulin release than pasta, and fish produces a bigger insulin release than popcorn…

is this even the slightest bit true? Seems like some type of misinfo to me, but then again I’m not to familiar w/ this topic. I just don’t remember hearing about this at all here.

This is horseshit. Next the anti-Atkins group is going to claim that water and excessive breathing increase insulin levels.

Yeah, it’s BS.

Another favorite of those types of people is that fat causes insulin resistance. It’s funny how they take studies showing the BODYFAT decrease insulin resistance and then spin it around and say that dietary fat causes insulin resistance.

er, that bodyfat CAUSES insulin resistance. you knew what I meant anyway. I hope.

Actually, weight does increase insulin resistance.

By nature, insulin injections used by type 2 diabetics is responsible for weight gain on the average of 4kg/6 months.

So, in the treatment of the diabetes, physcians are caught in difficult cycle of “dog chasing tail”. As patients need more IU of insulin, their weight increases creating more resistance. As the weight increases, they have to up their units. Very cyclical. So, yes, insulin resistance is correlated to weight gain.


Yeah, no one is disagreeing with you there. Vegan-types just like to say that dietary fat causes insulin resistance, when it’s actually bodyfat that causes insulin resistance.

They make up all kinds of crap. It’s really creepy, actually.

They seem to be consumed with finding any study they can “proving” that how they already eat is good for them, and how Atkins is dead wrong. They take any study and tout it as irrefutable evidence, yet ANY (and I really mean ANY) study contradicting their diet, they always say that it’s either junk or there needs to be more study.

People like us (most of us, anyway), however, look for info to see how to eat, not prove how we already eat.

All that searching for evidence to prove their diets causes vegans to make up shit, basically.

Go to a vegan message board. Agree with them for the most part, but give some evidence on why eggs would be a good addition. See how fast you get banned :wink:

My bad. I misread it. You are 100% correct.

The Atkins Diet Alert site is opperated by the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine (PCRM), which is nothing more than a front group for PETA.


The established medical community has soundly rejected PCRM’s dietary advice in the past. The American Medical Association has written that it “finds the recommendations of PCRM irresponsible and potentially dangerous to the health and welfare of Americans.” In a separate public censure, the AMA marveled at “how effectively a fringe organization of questionable repute continues to hoodwink the media with a series of questionable research that fails to enhance public health.”

PCRM has long-standing ties with People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), which has funneled over $850,000 to its medical front group. PCRM president Neal Barnard, a non-practicing psychiatrist, co-chairs the PETA Foundation with PETA co-founder Ingrid Newkirk.

thanks for all the help.

i’m currently on t-dawg and it’s tough getting people to understand.

i basically got that link from a friend who just doesn’t accept that a low-carb diet can work (despite the fact that I’ve lost quite a bit!)

now I’ll have some ammo to work with!

“more ammon to work with”? You should use my line…“Look at me, look at you”…That shuts people up pretty quickly! hehehe

It IS true, per kilojoule, meat and cheese should result in more insulin released than most carbohydrates. At least that’s what the limited studies indicate.

However, this does not necessarily mean that insulin will have the same effects on a lower carb diet than it will on the higher carb variety, either on body composition or general health.

I get angry when I read such scare mongering rubbish. So they equate ketosis with ketoacidosis - wow never heard that one before. Then they rant about protein causing renal problems. Gee that’s a new one. Funny to hear them actually admit that:

Wow, why not test a heavy squat routine on paraplegics and then conclude that people who perform heavy squats lose the use of their legs?

(While on the subject of legs, it has been proven that children listen with their legs. I got a random sample of children and put them in a box. Told them to jump out of the box and they did so. I then put them back in the box, cut off their legs, told them to jump out of the box and they wouldn’t; they obviously could not hear me)

But I digress … they than caution that:

Ok so I guess that means they expect 3 in 4 adults to unnecessarily eat a diet tailored for those with renal problems just-in-case. I suppose we should all base our diets around the possiblity we have a problem, any problem, every problem just-in-case we don’t know it. For starters, we should avoid all foods someone else has ever been allergic to just in case we are too and don’t know it.

Can’t say I’m surprised to hear they’re a front for PETA either - anyway, here are a couple of sites for real animal lovers: