meat, good or bad?

No, i dont. I got the leanest i have ever been by eating milk isolate and flax oil all day except for hamburger steaks and a post workout meal. I never mixed fat and carbs. But with a very busy schedule and not caring if i gain some fat, i just started eating more of everything. It is hard to eat the carbs you need for training in only 3 or 4 meals per day. I do something everyday so i need as much glycogen as i can get. And with my height im gonna need to weigh close to 300 lbs at some point to fully exploit my leverages. so weight gain is not much of a problem for me.

Uhh… why the hell should you have to disprove his ridiculous claims? That’s retarded. The burden of proof sure as hell isn’t on you.

Ask HIM to tell you precisely why meat is bad. If he has no real reason, then he is a loud-mouthed ignorant tool, and you should tell him he is. Shit, you might even better the ignorant bastard.

If you don’t… grow some balls.

Be an asshole. Why the would you give a fuck what he says? Tell him to shut the fuck up or you’ll smack him upside the head.

Next time you see him eating lettuce, tell him you’re disgusted that he’s eating dead vegetables and that he’s gonna die because eating dead vegetables is bad for you. Tell him when he’s drinking water that doesn’t he know that water is full of poisons and he’s going to die?!?!?

Next time he gives you shit for eating meat, take out TWO POUNDS of beef. Proceed to unfreeze it in the microwave. Then put in a pan and fry it, using lots of fat, and sit down in front of him to slowly consume it.

If he tells you you’re going to die young, just humor him and say at least you’ll be a pretty corpse :stuck_out_tongue:

Also, refer to the most recent paper issue of T-mag. Cy Wilson explains how to deal with 8 tired old arguments, one of them dealing with “too much protein is dangerous” and another about how “there haven’t been any studies done to support that.”

That should give you the ammo you need to shut your roommate up.

my second post on this thread was supposed to end up somewhere else.

Goldberg- wake the fuck

Thanks for the input people, but rather than become abusive in my language and behavior toward this individual (as I would like to keep them as a friend), it would be more profitable to try to make them understand from a scientific perspective keeping things as objective as possible.

I guess all those lions and tigers out there must be really unhealthy, then. What with all that dead animal flesh that they consume and everything.

Kill him, eat him. Problem solved.

If you need cooking tips…

I second ko. No one…I mean NO ONE can make fun of my meat eating habits.

I am an equal opportunity meat eater. If you move on four legs or have a pair of feathery wings, you’re a fair game.

As Poliquin has stated, eat anything and everything as long as it runs, flies, swims or is green.

Ko, if the roomie is a stringy little bastard, how long should he marinade him?

“Keep as a friend” my ass.

I don’t think it’s rude at all to point it out when someone is pulling arguments out of their ass. You’re doing them a favour.

And if someone would decide to stop being your friend because you said “man, you need to have some knowledge to back up this random shit you just make up in your head”, they aren’t much of a friend.

My guess is your roommate needs a good Tea-bagging. A t-bag from the T-mag.

But sometimes you can’t get out of a bad situation, so try not to end up in jail for killin the guy. Just count to 10, walk away, and take out your anger on the weights. For research, I’d think that Jeff Volek’s stuff and Berardi’s info should have a lot on the protein question. Look them up. Good luck.

Well being a nutrition science major you might have forgotten the most obvious point that your body could care less what your eating it “processes” it all as chemical compounds. It takes what’s useful and discards the rest. Your body doesn’t say, “Wow this is great chicken.” It says “Wow this is great [insert nutrition label]”.

Of course eating things in excess all taht play a role, but as far as meat being bad for you is ridiculous it’s like saying, protein is bad for you.

there have been at least 2 recent studies of the Atkins diet (a meat lover’s dream) that showed better health stats (including lipid profiles) for those on the diet than for the controls–CNN health had an article about them a couple of weeks ago–try those, then work from there


If I may present a different point of view, meats can be very unhealthy. Now understand, I LOVE my meat, and I couldn’t dream of giving it up because my body does need the protein and especially the fat. If you look for information on meat other than on this website, you will find significant evidence that almost all meats are contaminated in some way. Most meats are pumped with hormones, antibiotics, and all kinds of other drugs. These drugs’ metabolites often remain in the fatty tissues of the animal. In addition, commercially grown meats are fed an almost exclusively grain diet; and these grains are usually drenched in pesticides and insecticides. These poisons also remain in the fat of the animal, that we, and I later eat.
The fact that people have great physiques has almost nothing to do in my mind as evidence that people are healthy or not. I mean, a couple of times a year, some 25 year old kid with a great physique drops dead (I am NOT saying this is because of the meat, by the way). What I am saying is that these toxins can definitely affect people at any age.
While I am not a vegetarian, I am friends with a few of them, and one is a bodybuilder if you can believe it. While I cannot do their lifestyle, I do agree with them about the contamination of meat. Fortunately, there are ogranically grown meats. These meats are fed a clean, vegetarian diet. They are much smaller and much more expensive, but if I am on a cycle, I pony up the extra money to add on organic meats to my diet, for the sake of my long term health.
I would be interested to hear what other people think about this.

irondoc: if he’s stringy, I betcha you gotta watch the cookin’ time or he’d get all chewy.

Macaijah: print this thread out and hand it to your obnoxious and nosey room mate. Make sure you highlight Ko’s post, add a arrow that points to the following: “Or else, if you ever, ever complain about the way I eat again.”

Quite frankly, it’s none of his business. I believe some can train and gain LBM effectively on a vegetarian diet. Look at Mike Mahler. However, my personal preference is to eat meat. And I leave vegans/vegetarians alone about theirs’. To each his/her own. Simple.

my roomates have learned to leave well enough alone, especially with the number of tofu corndogs they eat.

I wouldn’t recommend a marinade. A moist heat technique, such as braising (stewing) is needed.