meat, good or bad?


I’m having frequent violent “clashes” with a certain individual with whom I share an apartment with. This particular person cannot stand the ammount of meat that I eat in a day (usually about 200g of protein/day from meat and the rest of the 250g from other sources) nor can they stand how many meals I eat (8 small meals). They keep parroting how “unhealthy it is to eat so much meat yada yada yada” and I’m personally ready to blow a gasket if they won’t shutup. I’m always very selective in the quality of meat I buy: mostly chicken breast and extra lean ground beef. I would greatly appreciate it if someone could please provide some sources (preferrably scientific) to help me combat the obnoxious ramblings of an ignorant roomate on why meat isn’t evil.

Do they have any reasons why meat is unhealthy?

There’s always the “Look at me. Now, look at you.” argument.

I would think you would find much info on the nutritional value of meat right here on T-Mag.

Have you performed a search yet? AND if you require more info, why not perform a search on Google?

Listen, I’m 37 and a huge carnivore. I eat my share of red meat, besides chicken. And I’m pretty damn healthy. That’s proof enough for me that my diet is just fine.

And it sounds like your room mate is too bored with their own life and feels the need to nit pick with yours.

Well, I’ve been a faithful T-magger since it’s infancy so I’m familiar with many of the articles; however, it’s probable that I’ve forgotten the meat related ones. I guess age is taking a toll on me. Patricia, you’re 37? lol… lookin’ good.

Let’s hear some of the arguments your roomtate makes. That way we can offer you some specific information to combat this nonsense. Hey, while you’re at it, how about some stats on this idiot?

You could guilt the person to death. Tell them that your parents were murdered by a rogue band of angry PETA protestors and that you take a little bite out of your parents’ murderers every time you take a bite out of an animal. Especially the cute, fluffy animals.

Also, if it’s a guy, this would be a huge image problem for him, unless he’s an herb-smoking hippy. Spread the word that he doesn’t like meet.

Ha ha. I pressed submit at the same time I saw “meet”. Woops.

Who pays the lion’s share of the rent? That may well decide how this conflict gets resolved.

The individual uses arguments such as: meat is dead flesh, and dead flesh isn’t good for you, or, heating up meat for leftovers is gross. Therefore, it is my conclusion that the only way to combat this ignorance is with scientific data. This way, the person realizes just how silly the whole myth really it and their subjetive arguments crumble.

Hey, thought I 'd also perform a search to see what I could find, and I found a few:

Another interesting read:

and yet another, with goog “meat” info:

Hope this helps!

How about, “shut the fuck up and let me eat my meat!”??

Who cares about studies, research, blah, blah, blah. Your physique should stand reason enough that protein, eating meat and training are working much better than anything your roommate is or isn’t doing.

Thanks Patricia. I have read those articles but I’m not quite sure if presenting this information will sway the ignorant opinion in my favor. I’ll probably have to dive into some science publications and see if I can’t find studies related to meats and negative health effects. Thanks for all your support guys (and gal).

“meat is dead flesh”

Hmmm…I wonder how you could appease him on this one? Feedings of live baby rabbits maybe?

Sorry for double-posting but I should have addressed Nate:

Nate wrote:
Who cares about studies, research, blah, blah, blah. Your physique should stand reason enough that protein, eating meat and training are working much better than anything your roommate is or isn’t doing.

I agree! My physique does stand out considerably from the croud, thus I will continue to eat as I do! However, being that I like to prove points to people not “in the know”, I felt it was necessary to dispel any myths this individual may have. This person would like to consider themselves a “healthy eater”, and I do admit, they eat considerably healthier than most; however, it is the subconcious learning over time from various media sources I believe that have driven many nutrition and drug myths into this person’s mind (too much protein is bad, steroids kill, etc…).


I can see it now. He’ll come home one day with a couple of cages filled with live chickens and rabbits.

“Hey, you know that ‘meat is dead flesh’ thing got me thinkin’. So from now on, it’s only live and kickin’ flesh I’ll be eating…Thanks!”

cow mooin’ outside can be heard

Extreme bodybuilding isn’t particularly healthy so the whole point is moot. It’s certainly a step up from what 90% of the population is doing, but it’s not ideal.

Meat is reasonably healthy, but I personally consider 200g an obscene amount.


Macaijah, since we can’t post photos here, I posted a very strong argument in your favor in the Off-Topic forum.

Do this. Steam 1 lb. of burger and one pound of broccoli. Leave both in a tightly covered container at room temperature overnight. Let the room mate take a whiff of each and decide which one is more gross.

I’ll bet the broccoli will knock him on his ass.

You know vegetables are just dead plant matter, one step above mulch…except sprouts, those are alive until you chew them to death.

It’s all perception.

Well Zulu, I can see where you’re coming from… but I really like my protein! I get about 450 grams a day, and I cannot imagine that coming exclusively from whey shakes; to me that would be rediculous (I need taste variety!). Therefore, I broke it up into ~135 grams coming from chicken and about 65 grams from lean beef. About 190 grams comes from whey and the rest is from nuts, cottage cheese, beans, etc. But try to understand this from my standpoint: I’m not necessarily doing this simply for a good looking birthday suit (although it is a bonus). My major happends to be nutritional science (2 years left :frowning: ) and I intend to get a “head start” of my peers in the application of macronutrient ingestion for body compositional changes. Sure you can read all the correct studies and understand barrels of information, but when it comes to real world application and performance of the nutrients, it is especially ideal for me to test many of the published theories as well as my own on myself now, rather than later when I actually begin the profession.

tell them its none of their business.