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Meat Cooker Suggestions


I'm pretty old-school when it comes to cooking steaks: Grill and oven broiler.

I have a shitty oven broiler pan that I'm sick of scrubbing and the grill is under 3 feet of snow because I didn't keep up with it this winter.

Any suggestions/reviews for meat cookers like Foreman grills or other alternatives? I remember having a small Foreman grill and honestly wasn't impressed, but I haven't used or looked at one for at least 10 years or more so maybe they're better.

What are folks using?


2 words - Crock Pot. In the winter it's money. Pile of onions and garlic, root veg if you want, any kind of beef, whatever seasoning you like, maybe some red wine and its ready when you walk in the door after work.


Thanks, but not what I'm after.

I'm leaning toward just a good old fashioned grill pan (but with space age non-stick surface).

Still not sold on Foreman grill type machine. I just remember the steaks being awfully dried out in those.

I've never used an electric indoor grill.


I've had good luck with the tiny Foreman I keep at work. It's only big enough for one burger, or a small steak though (anything over 8 ounces, your out of luck). The big Foreman I have at home is a piece of shit. I'd swear they use the same size heating element in every unit, and it's only big enough for the small one.


I have this one, though I haven't gotten around to using it yet. It's pretty cheap though($40 with free shipping), so it's not like you'd out a lot if you didn't like it.

I got it because a friend has it and loves it, and the reviews are really good.


They make teflon grill pans, I bought one for the wife a while back. I'm not sold on it over cast iron. I've got several cast iron skillets that seem to do a much better job than the space age pan. If you get cast iron seasoned just right clean up is pretty easy even compared to the non-stick.

I'll second the crock pot even though you've mentioned wanting a different option. Toss a nice roast in there with beef bouillon, garlic salt, rosemary and an herb just called savory. Cook it until you can shred it like pulled pork. It's a meat miracle.


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I like a griddle. A NY Strip done hibachi style is awesome. Go to a Benni-Hanna like it is a cooking class, then do what they do.

I found out that the knife being very sharp and allowing you to slice very quickly and neatly is at least as important as the cooking surface. Sear the outside quickly, slice, lay out like a stack of dimes, flip, season, eat!

Get one of those big 2 burner ones.


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Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan

I know it's far from space age, but I had some non-stick coating piece of shit and go back to the cast iron every time.


Traeger smokers are money. They work like a crock pot where you plug them in in the morning and at night meat is falling off the bone. Only difference is the traeger cooks the meat BBQ style, low and slow baby! If you buy a traeger you will never use an oven, crock pot or george forman ever again. Only problem is that it uses burning wood pellets to get the smoke so you got to leave it outside.


I've been having good luck with just a heavy bottom pan. I like it better than broiling, and if cooked just right find it's kind of close to a grilled steak. We even went to the keg one night because they usually build a good steak, but I would rather do it myself now. Taste is much better.



I actually looked at this.

If any of you have seen the "La Cucina" thread in "Nutrition" forum, you know I use my cast iron pan for just about everything. The problem is the clean up. Same with the broiler pan.

I just eat too much steak to have to spend so much time scrubbing. That's why I'm looking for non-stick. I like the grilling pans some of you posted, but I'm not about to begin having to scrub between the grates, and 'smoking it off' in the oven isn't an option.

I'm intrigued with the electric grills, but they seem like a nightmare.

Thanks for the replies


^ Steely a real man just eats the steak out of the package, who needs to cook it? :slight_smile:


People who grew up in a family that owned a meat market... :wink:


Hell my family has 20 head of beefmaster and I get 300lbs of grassfed beef every 6 months. Its so good I have been tempted to eat raw.


Oh, don't get me wrong, I like a bloody rare steak, but I'm burnin' all that shit off the surface first!