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Meat & Cancer

Now I remember why I don’t like dealing with RD’s too much.

I put on a seminar today and right after I finished talking about “Superfoods” which beef and eggs were part of and explained briefly why they aren’t bad.

The RD talking about high blood pressure had to throw in that “beef can cause cancer”… maybe she said “a lot” but whatever… . grrr, just figured I’d share what the public is up against when trying to make better food choices.

I have a close family friend who doesn’t eat beef or dairy products at all.

Instead for christmas, they had brocolli covered in Velveta, and deep fried turkey.

As an RD this disappoints me, “ignorance is bliss” should be the motto for “most” in the dietetics field.

Ask an RD to name a single carcinogen in meat. Just one.

Most of it has to do with the PAH generated from grilling, which can be drastically reduced by marination with lemon juice, garlic, etc.