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Meat Bicycle


I fucking love Lynn Thompson and Cold Steel's commercials for their swords/knives/canes/axes/mace/etc (I don't know if they make a good product or not), but I've got to give a company props for doing a 9 minute video about a sword where all they do is hack up meat and shit. (Plus, they donate the meat to the local food bank after they're done with it)


I'm in grad school and saw a kid walking around campus with a samurai sword strapped around his waist. First I was thinking this can't be good. Then he walked outside in the rain and unsheathed the blade.

Turned out, it was umbrella made to look like a Samurai sword. I want one.


That sounds awesome, but it could easily go horribly wrong. Look cool as you get shot by an over-zealous cop. A double edged umbrella.


Aren't bicycles made of raw meat extremely rare?




Well done sir!