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Meat and Veggie Rant


No offense, but I am getting sick and tied of people complaining about eating plain chicken breast and eating plain vegetables. To make things much much easier, just buy a damn cleaver and chop all your shit small. I do this all the time, and have no problem. Just chop everything up tiny (veg, protein, carb), mix it all together like a casserole, and eat the damn thing (if you chop it right you won't have to chew it much). This taste a million times better than just eating a dry chicken breast straight. Give it a try. Hope this helps, and by the way... now you don't have complain all the f'n time.


My chicken breasts are never dry - always tender.


oh baby... oh yeahh


I like the "chop it up smaller so you don't have to chew it as much" comment. I thought I was being really lazy by doing this, but now I don't feel so bad.


Good call


You could just google recipes. There are thousands of them with varying flavors.


Or even better, cook chicken in a low-carb vegetable sauce. There are all kinds of these pre-mixed and in jars, just look at the Indian foods shelf in the ethnic section of the grocery store.

But I really find it best to substitute chicken with flounder, tuna, salmon, swordfish, Mahi-Mahi, or whatever else the fishmonger has in stock at least twice a week.


Uhh... There are other types of meat than chicken boobies. try thighs. Thighs have great monounsat fat in them too. How bout beef? Get a slow cooker, make a stew. Still low carb and delicious. Cooking is too easy if you just make it convenient. I wish i had a "fishmonger"



If you soak meats in an acidic marinade it often makes the meat softer. Still chop it up small.

Plus its a flavour thing. More flavour the happier you are to chew it.


This is a good idea, I think im going to start blending. To quote my friend "If I want a protein shake, ill put bacon in a blender"


I just eat everything raw and whole with no swallowing.

And just so I don't get sued...no...don't do that...


Chicken breast:

  1. Mrs. Dash OR Spike
  2. Oregano
  3. Pepper
  4. Curry Powder
  5. Enjoy.


Stir Fry is my solution. And LOTS of spices.


I totally cover my chicken in chili powder and garlic powder, then bbq it, then pour on a bunch of wing sauce (5cals a serving) and toss it. It tastes just like wings.


Who's complaining???

I love meats and fresh vegetables. Plus, I leaned to use a knife and fork when I was just a child so I'm pretty good at it now.


Not loyal visitors to this site, obviously. There are hundreds of great condiments that are appropriate for any eating plan. I have a roommate who is an excellent cook and he is always wondering why I never get bored with my meals. I also hate to cook. Food may be others' fun, but it is my fuel.


I eat like this every day!

Beef/chicken + spinach + veggie combo (onions, peas, tomatoes, whatever) all chopped up into tiny bits and stir-fried with some nice spices. Yummy.

Stir in a spoonful of EVOO and some walnuts, maybe some coriander too, hey, go nuts, throw in some raisins while you're at it.

How can you ever get tired of it, especially if you vary the spices? Plus, you don't even have to chew. :slight_smile:


1) Buy a bag of frozen chicken breasts

2) Buy a bottle of full-fat Italian salad dressing (with some EV olive oil if you can)

3) combine in a gallon sized ziploc back

4) every day, get the bag and shake it to mix the oil back into the spices

5) in 3 days, it will be ready to cook

6) If you cook it right (bake or grill), this will be the most moist and tender chicken you'll ever have and you'll do this from now on

7) profit


Seriously... Chicken breasts are the blandest, driest meat around next to those goddamn lean pork chops that are everywhere because the idiots in charge are actually breeding their hogs for leanness. How fucked up is that? Lean pork? What's the point? All the flavor is in the fat...

Anyhow, you may also want to look at the size of the chicken breasts you get in the store, then think of the size of your average chicken... Yeah, the reason chicken breasts are so bland and dry is that since they are so unnaturally big you have to cook the shit out of them.

Add to that the fact that the birds are barely making it the 8-10 weeks until processing, so they are inundated with antibiotics to keep them alive, all the while living in filth and the carcasses of the unlucky ones. Oh, and the liquid that the chicken is soaking in? 10% fecal matter. And they inject the breasts with soy protein before packaging...

Enjoy your chicken breasts, boys! I'll stick to whole, natural chickens (you know, birds with beaks that can stand up on their own two feet). I know TC has written some about the benefits of grass-fed beef, and it's the same story here: if you eat an animal that lived according to its nature, then it is going to taste a hell of a lot better and be a hell of a lot healthier.

If you are eating good pasture-raised chicken, I guarantee you that you won't be complaining about dry chicken breasts, and you will be reminded that chicken is supposed to have flavor!


agreed swordthrower, I'm lucky enough to have a butcher living 2 blocks down the road, its so much fun going and naming my cow before i get it and meeting my future chicken meals. Free Range tastes way better. Esp with some good Asian spices and cooked bell peppers.