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Meat And Vegetable Diet


Hey guys. This is my first post. I was just trying to reply to this thread about an all meat and veggie diet and cutting... http://tnation.T-Nation.com/free_online_forum/diet_performance_nutrition_supplements/meat_and_veggies_diet

So I've been training for about 11 years now and have had issues with injuries and health complications which have always kept me from making really solid gains, but at my best around 5'10", 165 lbs, ~6% body fat.

To me, diet has always been the most important part of health and of making gains. It was something I didn't realize for a long time, but once I did injuries became way less common and I was able to make gains consistently. That being said, I haven't been eating as ideally as I should for a while now. I've been more or less out of the gym for the past year due to a freak injury to my hearing from a blood pressure build up and now have to focus on diet more than lifting to stay fit. When I do get back in the gym I make gains crazily fast compared to how I used to make gains though.

I tend to eat a meat and vegetable diet when I'm eating ideally. However, I usually stick to it for a couple days and then I'll end up indulging a little.

So, right now I'm committing to a 21 day all meat and vegetable diet. That means no fruit, no beans, no grains! I'm really curious about how it's going to affect my body, but I'm pretty confident it will be a mostly positive effect.

Right now I'm on day 2, but unfortunately I can't couple it with lifting because I also suffered a concussion a couple days ago and am dealing with the recovery from that. I'm hoping to get back to to at least pushups, pullups and goblet squats by next week. A diet like this has always sped recovery once my body adjusted to after a few days in the past.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in following my progress I'll be documenting it each day on a blogger page I just started.

I hope it goes well and I put myself in a position to make some quick gains once I can get back to lifting due to the hormone balancing effects of it. I was actually able to increase my T from a very low sub 200 level (while lifting heavy consistently) to almost 500 6 months later (this was about 2 years ago). This was done primarily through diet and minimal supplementation (I was taking Vitex-Chasteberry and small amounts of iodine to keep prolactin down).

I'll make sure to update how it goes on here as well.



Do it brother, we love to hear about people taking control of their health round here!

Sounds like a Paleo diet to me. Are you including dairy?

Prepare for a kind of fogginess that’ll last a little while. It’s just your body getting used to livin’ la vida low carb.

You might want to consider carbing up every now or then with something like rice or sweet potatoes (not all grains were created equal). That’ll help your gym efforts, although not everyone feels it’s necessary.

Good luck!


[quote]Rob13 wrote:
So I’ve been training for about 11 years now and have had issues with injuries and health complications which have always kept me from making really solid gains, but at my best around 5’10", 165 lbs, ~6% body fat. [/quote]
That’s pretty great shape. Is your current profile info (5’10", 155, 9-10%) accurate?

So, basically Green Faces with maybe some different vegetables? It’s definitely a legit fat loss template that quite a few of coaches and plenty of lifters have used.

It works for fat loss because it’s low carb (practically no carb or no “net carb” even though that’s a crappy term) and it kinda doubles as an elimination diet, as many alleged digestive irritants (dairy, gluten, etc.) are removed and can be gradually reintroduced after some time (or not).

Do your injuries and/or blood pressure issues require you to change your training at all?