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Meat and Powder

Can anyone help and tell me the difference in protein content between 3 lbs. of lean meat and 3 lbs. of a common protein powder (for arguments sake, let’s say that it is a high quality mixed whey/casein powder)? Given the difference in price, is it just a matter of convenience? Does one get the same number of grams of protein from meat as in a powder? How does this work? Ko, anyone, can you tell me if it is all the same or is there a difference I am missing? Thanks to all…

for anytime with the possible exception of right after workout, i take beef over protein powder… always

Powders are for convenience. In my opinion, nothing will ever replace real food.

protein powders are concentrated forms of protein nutrition. 1 pound is about 455 grams. In a 60 cc protein scoop you get about 25 grams protein. (Estimation dependent on the density and the composition of the protein and how packed it is). So with 3lbs beef or 1365 grams you might get 300 grams protein. Meat contains fluids and other nutrients like fat. hope this helps, laters pk

I have also noticed that the powders create much more terrible gas than any real food.

I Believe beef has a dv% of like 90% and whey protien powder is at about 140%. Theres your diffrence. So obviously whey is the better protien. I don’t know about convience, the effort it takes to put all that crap in the blender and then clean it isn’t all that much diffrent than slapping a steak on a rack and broiling it. right?

Eat meat if you want to gain muscle. It has been proven over the years again and again.

Another important issue is digestive enzymes. Relying on liquid supplements as the main stay of your diet especially using protein powders to replace meats can wreak havoc on your digestive enzymes. So when you switch back to eating solid foods again your body wont be able to digest and utilize them as efficiently as it should.

Thanks folks - I think it makes sense. I had purchased about 3 lbs. of lean carne asada steak and was planning on simply broiling it. it came out to about six bucks and I can’t afford a protein powder right now on top of the other supp’s I buy (Surge and 4-AD). I am on a gaining cycle right now and know I have to get a good amount of protein in these next two weeks. Sounds like I’ll go with the meat. Thanks again to all.

they say you gotta eat beef to put on beef. steak is better than whey, bv and other bullshit aside