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Meat and Cheese


All the dietary advice for strength athletes seems to advocate easting chicken fish and beef, what about lamb/mutton and pork and goat meat? Lamb and goat is often fatty but the excess can be cut off.

Also goats cheese and ewes milk cheeses are never mentioned, is there a specific reason for this? Again they are high fat but are nice to add to a salad or roasted veggies in a sensible amount. I would have thought they were more 'natural' as the animals are not as intensively farmed and are raised on a more natural diet.

I am from the UK and it is mainly pork and chickens that are raised intensively here. Cows and sheep are outside in green fields. Outdoor reared pork and free range chickens are more expensive.


lamb, pork and goat are all good. They're just not as lean usually, and bodybuilder types prefer leaner meats so they can control their fat macro a bit easier.

Cheese isn't a bodybuilding staple as it's quite hard to digest for most people, but there's nothing inherently wrong with it (assuming you can digest it without issue).


I've never in my life heard of ewe's milk. Could be a regional thing, like avocado on sandwiches. Goat's milk, at least in the US, is in most supermarkets and marketed as a lower-lactose alternative to milk with pretty similar macros.

Again, I think that's mostly a regional thing. Where ever non-poultry/non-red meat is a primary food source (I'm thinking India and the Middle East), those animals will be more commonly thought of as food. Also, way back in the day, Saxon wrote about mutton stew being great for strength.

As far as basic meat and cheese, Vince Gironda called roast beef wrapped around provolone cheese "a bodybuilder's sandwich." Sometimes in a pinch, I'll whip up 3-4 of these kinds of roll-ups as a snack.


Regional French, Welsh and English cheeses are sometimes made with (sheep) ewes milk and these are readily available, but are more of a gourmet treat than an everyday thing.

My friends who are of Middle Eastern or Pakistani origin all prefer Lamb to Beef as it is what they grew up eating. I guess its like people from the coast loving seafood.


I live in Hertfordshire UK and I tend to buy my meat from local butchers (expensive as fuck but all the worthwhile).

they are normally a leaner meat regardless of the animal, lamb from tescos or morrisons normally has higher fat because of their poorer living conditions. so maybe try that if you have the expendable money.

I am naturally a hard gainer so I eat cheese quite a lot because I find it easy to eat and it had good quality protein with obviously a lot of fat, like cottage cheese/feta/gouda


here is Asia we love fish, chicken and pigs.

Quality beef is expensive; Imported from Australia.