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Meat Amounts, Cooked or Raw?

Get Jacked Fast by Thibaudeau

Just finishing up week 1 of the program but have been confused by the diet when it comes to the meats (chicken breast) are the mesurments in the book for cooked meat or it raw? If it is cooked has anyone any who has done the program had a hard time eating all the food that is required? I constantly feel full and never feel ready to eat by the next meal. Any help would be great thanks!

Don’t have book, but if there are protein amounts given for a serving, and easy way to figure out is most meat is around 20g protein per 100g raw. Some fattier cuts can come in at 17-18g and some game meat around 22g. If it works out to more like 27-33g per 100g, then it is a cooked weight.

Thanks man, no there is no protein amounts listed just weight of meat.