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I’ve been pondering this subject for quite a long time, ever since the first time I’ve really dieted down last year. When my BF is around 16%, my “LBM” is around 205-208 lbs. Then, as I start dieting, my “LBM” drops dramatically to, like, 199 lbs. (yeah, yeah, i know, loss of glycogen/water storage!) Then wheni get around 10-12%, my LBM hovers around 195-ish. So, at that !0%-12%, range, i really consider my true Lean Body Mass, to be 195 lbs, since i consider 10-12% to be a healthy range of bodyfat. But even that’s hard to compare to actual muscle loss, since that weight can fluctuate greatly during the days prior and after a re-feed. After I quit my diet at the end of my 16 week goal, i gained mostly LBM the first couple of weeks and i might have gained only one pound of fat, but my “LBM” rapidly jumped to 203. This year, i want to take note of my actual muscle gain vs. last year, and i really don’t have a good idea of what poundage number i should really use ? I would guess that i can get a better comparison to the 195 @ 10-12% BF of last year to what i end up with this year at 10-12%.